I don't need to test my programs. I have an error-correcting modem.

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Although I think a lot of people enjoy the bonus material on the UT2003 CD, I belive Epic could have sent me a box of gravel instead. UED3 takes the prize. Sure, UED2 was buggy, but it was predictable. It felt more like an old friend to me than a simple application. UED3 is completely random and will probably cause more hearts to stop than [input any serial killer here].

I can't create .ase files with any program, so no special collision for my SM's. If it crashes, which you can be sure it'll do before you've had time to get started properly, you have to reboot in order to start UED again. Needless to say, rebooting every 15 minutes is mildly amusing. Could we PLEASE get an UED that works with the most common OS's with UT2004?

That being AT LEAST WinME and later.

Seeing how the reason I bought UT2003 was to mod the game rather than play it (the game itself wasn't much of a hit in my house) I'd expect at least a few of the applications included to work on a pretty average comp.

  • UPaint is completely impossible to work with long enough to create a skin, seeing how it'll corrupt your files when you're half-way.
  • UED3 crashes every 10-15 minutes, my record uptime was 29 minutes. Also, when it crashes I have to reboot.
  • I still haven't had much reason to use KAT as...
  • Maya doesn't work at all unless you have Windows 2000 or later. Of course, before you realize that's the problem, you have to go through the most complicated set of forms I've seen for something meant to be free. After one hour of this procedure, I think I should be payed to go on. Never the less, I work my way forward and get the damn key needed to start, only to see Maya detect I have Win ME which is too old. Having been working for 15 minutes on a mailbomb, destination AliasWavefront, I give up and will later be found dressed in pyjamas on a big grass field screaming "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!".

So, I try getting a pirate version of 3DS Max 4. Having struggled for a week trying to get it to work, I give up. I manage to get version 5 and try getting that to work. Having given up a week later, I recieve version 6, supposed to be cracked and working. Smiling like a cat who found your Prozac I try to install. I get an error message not even UED has given me: "Can not install - You need Internet Explorer version 6 or later". Confused, I manage to find IE6 on Microsoft's site after hours of searching. I install, and when I reopen the install I see a button cleverly hidden among the others: "Install Internet Explorer 6". Oh well, there's no need to get angry over that, now I can finally install!

After 10 minutes of frantic testing how to work around the next error message, I give up - "Error: You need Windows NT4, 2000, XP or later in order to install 3DS Max". WAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE EVIL HUMANS!

So, what did I get out of this easteregg adventure courtesy Epic? At least I can see the Wiki sidebar thanks to MSIE6...

UT2004 better be cheap or have bonus material compatible with any standard comp, or I'm going to demand a refund - Epic, fear my wrath!


AlphaOne: Sorry to hear of those things but I don't believe that anyone cares enough to help you. Best suggestion is : Get win2k.

MythOpus: The solution to UED 3 is more RAM :)

EntropicLqd: The most impassioned rants are always the best ones. I can heartily reccomend an upgrade to XP though. I had Me for a couple of years and although I got it stable it always felt like it was on the edge of dying. As loathe as I was to upgrade to XP-Pro - I haev to concede that they've done an outstanding job this time around. Support for anything other than the NT based OS's isn't likely.

Tarquin: I have high hopes for Seppuku :)

Legal: XP costs money, so I guess I'll either have to keep crashing, quit modding or warez it... Ah well, I just had to get this out of my head, pisses me off that I can't do anything with UED3 despite that I could do anything with UED2... If only it'd be less random crashes so I could learn what to do in order to not have it crash :(

I just hope that Epic will make sure their stuff on the UT2004 CD works on average comps too, or I'll have to spend at least two weeks making backups and reinstalling, putting the settings right etc.

Mosquito: It wont, trust me, you NEED xp, it's really alot better then that ME crap your using.

Tarquin: Win2000 will be ok too.

RegularX: Dude, if you're using Windows ME - THAT is your problem right there. ME is a dog even in Windows-centric circles. It doesn't matter how good people make their software, ME can find a way to crash. If you absolutely can't afford XP, I'd almost recommend reverting to Windows 98 somehow - every account I've ever heard is that it's 100x more reliable than ME was.

GRAF1K: Agreed. ME blows. Hard.

Just a suggestion: I installed XP, then not long after decided it sucked. Good old Win2KX Pro is what I'm on now.