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UT :: Actor (UT) >> NavigationPoint (UT) >> LiftCenter

A LiftCenter actor tells AI agents (bots, etc) where to go while riding a lift.

For the UT200x version of this actor, see LiftCenter.


LiftCenter Group

name LiftTag
Ties this to other lift pathnodes.
name LiftTrigger
Indicates to AI which Trigger actor will activate this Lift.
vector MaxZDiffAdd
Added threshold for Z difference between pawn and lift, for lifts which are at the end of a ramp or stairs.

Gustavo6046: I sometimes use LiftCenter as a JumpSpot for small distances. How to set MaxZDiffAdd properly here? It is hard.

vector MaxDist2D
The maximum distance between the bot and the LiftCenter. It defaults to 400 world units.


float LastTriggerTime 
vector LiftOffset 
Trigger RecommendedTrigger  

Known Subclasses

These are used in a similar fashion with LiftExit (UT) to create different types of path.

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