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UT2004 :: Actor >> Brush >> Volume >> LimitationVolume (Package: XWeapons)

Used to limit where various objects can go.

The LimitationVolume limits projectiles, making them and their effects disappear immediately. It allows you to specify an effect to play when one of these comes into contact with the volume. LimitationVolumes are generally used to line the bounds of an outdoor map or skybox, so that weapons fire doesn't "hit the sky".


These properties are hidden.

bool bLimitTransDisc 
Will make Translocator discs disappear.
bool bLimitProjectiles 
Will make Projectiles discs disappear.
class<Actor> LimitEffectClass 
Will spawn this Actor as an effect to indicate the limitation.


Touch( Actor Other ) 
if LimitEffectClass != None, spawns LimitEffectClass at the Other's Location and Rotation. Sets Projectile(Other).bNoFX = true. Calls Other.Destroy().