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UT :: Object (UT) >> ListItem (Package: UTServerAdmin)
UT2003 :: Object >> ListItem (Package: XWebAdmin)

A simple two-way linked list used by the web-based remote server administration (UTServerAdmin) to build lists of maps, mutators, etc.


ListItem Next 
The next item in the list.
ListItem Prev 
The previous item in the list.
string Tag 
string Data 
bool bJustMoved 


AddElement (ListItem NewElement) 
AddSortedElement (out ListItem FirstElement, ListItem NewElement) 
ListItem FindItem (String SearchData) 
ListItem DeleteElement (out ListItem First, optional String SearchData) 
MoveElementUp (out ListItem First, ListItem MoveItem, out int Count) 
MoveElementDown (out ListItem First, ListItem MoveItem, out int Count) 
RunTest ( ) 
This function is obviously used for testing.