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Sparks for UT[edit]

Note: I'm new to the whole Wookee thing so can someone else edit the formatting for this when I'm done with the tutorials

What you need to know already:[edit]

How it works:[edit]

  • First up in the Actor Class browser hunt down Effects -> SmokeGenerator. Right click on the map and select Place 'SmokeGenerator' here. This should set down a black ball type thing into your level.
  • Right click the SmokeGenerator you just placed and open the properties window. Under events find and set the Tag field.
  • Find the 'SmokeGenerator' properties list in the window.
  • At this point I ran out of time but I will be back to sort this out - I just need to check the exact name of tyhe fields that need changing in order to prevent confusion. It's a start though...


Boff: I recently made a map that blew apart piece by piece after I had blown a nuclear Fusion Reactor and I wanted to know how to make sparks and noticed there was nothing on the wiki. So here I am spreading some enlightenment.