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Legacy:Mapping For Jailbreak/Death Sequence

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Death Sequence[edit]

LOOOOL!! Flying dildo rockets killed him OMG!!!...[edit]

Just as you would be worshipped for creating a really good escape, you will also be worshipped if you create an absolutely cool death sequence/execution for the captured team.

If you are a player of UTJB then you will know how many cool, funny and original death sequences there are. From ravenous pupaes eating everyone, to pressurization chambers, and death by loud speakers to drowning deaths and flying dildo rockets – there is something for the whole family!

An... interesting death sequence...

Usually death sequences will wipe out all the prisoners but there is the occasional one (JB-Gauntlet-III, JB-Hydro32 – UTJB) where it is possible to avoid being killed by the monsters or whatever is after you (the players will die by default gibbing anyway, but it was still worth it to escape the intended death method) and that is actually quite fun to try and do that – so that's something to think about when designing a cool execution.

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