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Legacy:Mapping For Jailbreak/Introduction

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Hi there and welcome to my comprehensive guide to mapping for Jailbreak. My name is Cory Spooner a.k.a. Spoondog and I am from New Zealand, but am currently working in Australia for Perception Pty. on a future Unreal title based on the popular Stargate SG-1 television series.

If you have played a fair bit of Jailbreak then you will probably have played a few of my maps. I have been designing levels for Unreal Tournament since somewhere in 2000, and have made approximately fourty to fifty levels in total for UT, UT2003 and UT2004 -– around thirty of them are for Jailbreak. :-)

Jailbreak is the most fun gametype I have come across and that is why I continue to map for it. The community is great, and if you design a level for Jailbreak, you can be sure it will be well-received by almost everybody –- which always makes it worth the effort! Jailbreak is also widely played and reviewed, and is accepted by major map sites such as Nali City and Mapraider, so any levels you make will most likely get a lot of exposure, and you will find that Jailbreak levels get commented on almost as much as standard gametypes. Why Epic hasn’t included Jailbreak as a standard gametype yet is beyond me! ;-)

This guide covers Jailbreak 2004, Jailbreak 2003 and UT Jailbreak and uses examples from all of them. It should only be used as a reference, and please be aware that a fair chunk of this guide is formed from my own experience in Jailbreak mapping and may not necessarily reflect the opinions of other level designers or players. Also keep in mind that even I am guilty of not following these, my own, guidelines – but just because a map doesn't follow a particular guideline doesn’t mean it is a bad map! I have tried to cover most aspects of Jailbreak mapping, and you will find that a lot of these guidelines also relate to mapping for other game-types besides Jailbreak, though if I tried to cover all of those I would be here forever. The sections in this document are not in any particular order, so be sure to read it all!

So anyway, seeing you have chosen to design a map for Jailbreak –- read on and I’m sure these guidelines will help you on your way to creating the ultimate fun-packed Jailbreak level!

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