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Legacy:Mapping For Jailbreak/Shooting From Jails

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Shooting from Jails[edit]

WTF? OMG BUG!!! The dudes in jail can shoot me through the bars![edit]

I’ve heard this before, and trust me – it's not a bug. In fact, the jails in my maps are notorious for being able to shoot out of them.

A perfect example of this is "JB-Complex: (UTJB) – I specifically designed and placed the jails so they were at a high vantage point, and had bar windows on all sides so players could shoot unsuspecting players from their containment! It adds an extra twist to those otherwise boring jails, and makes sure jail-door-camping Llamas get what they deserve :-)

It also means that players aren't completely useless while in jail, which I personally like.

One thing to remember is that this means players can also shoot in at jailed players. However, players don’t get any points for killing jailed players and are only risking their own life and wasting their ammo in doing so. So by all means, don't be afraid to let players shoot through your jail doors and windows if you feel the need! :)

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