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Legacy:Mapping For Jailbreak/The Arena

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The Arena[edit]

**Spoondog fights Sexmachine in the arena**... <Sexmachine> Ah crap...[edit]

The arena is a perfect place to implement that risk balance stuff I was talking about earlier. In fact, take a look at any of my levels and you will find that the arena will have some kind of life-threatening decision to make.

Actually, a good example is Snowdog's JB-Talaeron (UTJB) – you have the choice of staying low with your shock-rifle or going onto the rise and getting the damage amp (I usually stay low as the person getting the damage amp is in the perfect spot for a good combo...).

JB-Talaeron's arena – safe shock rifle or risky amp?

Usually I make my arena's based on one simple decision and that is enough – the players are only going to spend a little while in here, it doesn't need to be a whole deathmatch level in itself (even though DavidM's JB-Nifam (UTJB) and my JB-DarkAges (UTJB) arenas are actually released Deathmatch maps – we were just lazy!). Anyway, at least make sure you have an arena – a JB map without an arena is unheard of these days.

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