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UT2003 :: Actor >> Info >> GameStats >> MasterServerGameStats (Package: IpDrv)

This subclass of GameStats is used to send game stats to the MasterServerUpLink. This subclass does not create a FileLog but instead when Logf method is called writes to the MasterServerUplink.

For more information about the logging and what is logged see GameStats.


MasterServerUplink Uplink 
Creates an uplink to the GameSpy servers and sends those servers the game stats.


Inherited From GameStats[edit]

Init ( ) 
Logs to the standard local log that the class has been initialized (MasterServerGameStats initializing).
Logf (string LogString) 
Insures proper connection to UpLink then attempts to call LogStatLine of MasterServerUplink. If the stats are rejected then the connection is lost.
Shutdown ( ) 
Does nothing.