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Resident MidEvil[edit]


The basic objective of this game is to survive. All players have to work together to reach their objective and survive enemy attacks. They must coordinate their efforts and share ammo and healing items.


Before the game starts all players are given 10 points and a few minutes to use to equip themselves with weapons and items, and choose their character before the game starts. Once the timer runs out all players are placed in the designated start area and their mission appears on each players screen.Depending on the scenario this could be anything from killing a certain monster, to getting to a certain area in a certain amount of time. The monsters in this game will cooperate to kill the players so the players must likewise cooperate to survive. Ammo and healing items are scarce so players must decide who needs them the most, all players can see each others health and ammo to make that easier. Ammo can be thrown at other players to replenish their stock and the same applies to healing items, which have to be activated. The players also have a limited stock of items, which can be adjusted.

Weapons, Items, and Player characters[edit]



The sword is the basic melee weapon, the primary fire swings it for medium damage and good speed, the secondary is a more powerful but slower stab. points:2 or 3?

Battle Hammer

A large two-handed hammer made of marble, does high damage and can even gib some weaker enemies instantly. It has a slow swing and the user cannot move while swinging it, it has no secondary fire. points:TBA


The bow is a fast and accurate ranged weapon. The primary fire shoots one arrow quickly, the secondary pulls the string back farther for a more powerful shot that can pierce through weaker enemies. It uses arrows for ammo. points:3?


The blunderbuss is an old-fashioned gun with a flared barrel and blackened iron. The blunderbuss's primary fire shoots a single bullet that does heavy damage that gibs with a headshot, the secondary fire is a shotgun blast that uses a little more ammo but does lots of damage at close range.

The blunderbuss uses bullets as ammo. points:5 or 6?

Liquid Flame Bottle

This bottle looks like a wide-bottomed vial with red liquid inside and a golden dragon head for a stopper. The primary fire lobs the bottle in front of the player, when it hits something it spills fire all over it and the surrounding area for lots of damage, there is no secondary fire. More bottles can be found to replenish the supply. points:TBA


Items are held like weapons but usually have effects other than damage.

Healing potion

A healing potion heals about one fourth of a players health, it looks like a bottle with blue liquid inside. points:4?

Big Healing Potion

This potion heals 3 fourths of a players health and looks like a regular healing potion, except glowing and larger. points:TBA

Stop Watch

The stop watch is only available for purchase before scenario's that are timed. The stop watch is a gold pocket watch with an hourglass symbol carved into it. Using the watch stops the timer for a while and also makes enemies move slower, perfect for quick escapes! points:7?

Flame Necklace

The necklace is a small band of red beads with a few red feathers attached to it. The necklace enchants the player's weapons with fire so they do more damage and can set enemies on fire.

Recall Ring

The ring looks like a small silver band on the players finger. When used the player gives a 'come here' gesture with his or hers hand and all other players receive a message saying the ring has been used, they can either press a specific key to teleport to the user's location or ignore it. The ring is probably going to be used to bring a group back together if they got split up.points:TBA

Player Characters[edit]

As a side note any player can be any character, the difference is only cosmetic, and there can be more than one of a character.


A man in shining armor that totally covers his body.


A man in white robes with red trim and a cross around his neck.

Male Peasant

A strong-looking mad in patched gray clothes.

Female Peasant

A beautiful brunette in a black dress.

Interested Scriptors[edit]