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Riftwar is a small modification for Unreal Tournament 2003. It began as I tried to make some proof of concept gametypes for Freehold NG.

Basically, Riftwar is a partial conversion where three species battle it out. There are Undead, Alien and Human classes to play and during team games (usually Rift Control) all three teams fight each other at once, as opposed to the usual two team approach of games. I should note here that the original idea for a three team gametype was MoP's, Freehold's design lead.

When you enter the game, you'll be presented with a menu to pick your class. You can find detailed descriptions of the species and their classes in the "EDF Field Report" document under media. The short of it is, each class has a different look, stats (speed, armor, weapon skill, agility), starting weapon and "powerup". Powerups are kind like combos, but they occur automatically when you hit 100 adrenaline. There are no other combos.

Riftwar: Campaigns brings the original Unreal Tournament 2003 partial conversion to the next logical level - a massive war campaign. No longer are games isolated incidents, now twelve maps have been divided between three different world to form one complete game. Defend your world and use the riftgates to take the battles to your opponent's. Take the capitol and you take the control of the world. The first to control all three worlds wins the Riftwar.

Campaigns combines Team DM and classic Domination as you travel across the 12 worlds of the Riftwar. Maps without control points can be one by being the first team to get enough frags to satisfy a goal, whereas Rift Control maps are scored by holding onto the control points.

Author: RegularX


Download: link

EDF Central (Main Server): ... you can get a status of the war from this page as well.

Current version: 148

I do still intend on making more tutorials based on the code, such as

  • how to make an ingame menu when players enter the games
  • how to use species to form different classes: Making A Class-Based Mod
  • how to tie custom skins/meshes to pawns
  • working around the two team limitations of UT2003

Recent Changelog[edit]

  • Deathmatch and Domination play combined into one Campaign
  • 3 teams each with 3 players classes = 9 different ways to play
  • Win battles to find team items to help the war effort
  • Top players and war status viewable from PHP script
  • Offline campaign saves status so that you can go eat dinner
  • Team items can be gained by winning battles
  • Each map contains monstrous allies which defend the world
  • DOM Monitors glow to indicate the correct controlling team
  • Holographic flags indicate the current world's controlling team
  • New Undead Weapons Pestilence Hypo and Hex Rifle added
  • Aliens exclusively get Translocator and Shield Gun
  • Updates to Minigun, Link Gun and more
  • Undead HUD now a stylish yellow

Known Bugs[edit]

  • End screen occasionally shows wrong team
  • On first connect, your mesh may not be set right for your class
  • when your player account first gets setup, some information seems to get dropped

Possible Enhancements[edit]

  • Custom models/skins
  • Custom maps
  • Ammo and pickup modifications, perhaps team specific

Post Mortem[edit]

Will be posted shortly. Source code available from the site.

Comments & Critiques[edit]

Riftwar Critique Page

RegularX: People should feel free to post quick thoughts here, or add on to the critique page if they'd like to post something larger.

RegularX: Finally got around to updating this for the 148 version.