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It is the year 2319, and the Galaxy is on the brink of civil war...

Stellar Conflict is a total conversion mod for UT2003. Players choose to ally themselves with one of two factions; the developed and desperate Humans, or the industrial and resource rich Terrans.

Gameplay will focus on team combat utilizing various space-based missions. Players will choose and pilot various zero-grav fighters and compete in interstellar combat. Each fighter will be unique, with various weapons systems and handling capabilities. Fighters will be able to be flown in any direction, including strafing left/right and up/down. The objective will be simple: engage and destroy the enemy force; whether they have battle fleets, space stations, or space-cities.

Players will have the option of boarding enemy battleships and stations and fight in small-arms combat while their wingmates are fighting in space. Teamwork will be vital if the enemy forces are to be destroyed.

Please stop by our temporary website http://members.lycos.co.uk/stellarconflict/ to keep up-to-date on Stellar Conflict.

We are hard at work making models, maps, and code for this mod, however we still need some help. Want to help out or join the team? Read the website for more position info. We have a few positions left....




please no mappers at this time!

Feel free to leave your feedback (good or bad)

-Stellar Conflict Team-


Mosquito: I had and idea like this too, but it was more Battleship based, most combat would be handled by the Starships, and the fighters where just support, the Ships crew would be maintance team, Captian (pilot the ship), Tactical officer (controls turrets and weapon systems) and Ship systems officer, (incharge of power grid, Shields, life support)

And the battles would be just disabling the other ship, either destroy it, or get them to surrender (making them floating pieces of metal)

I all ready have ship designs and stuff, email me at tom@pcraptor.net if your are interested.

HarvesterUT: I am interested in your ideas, and possibly your help...but i am really keen on the idea of having starfighters be the

main focus of the game. the game will have large battleships and stuff, but they wont be able to be piloted or anything. players can

only control weapons systems on the battleships and board enemy ships to capture them. the main is goal is just to blast the hell outta

the other guys and destroy their ships.

RegularX: Definately a good idea at foot here, and I wouldn't underestimate the combination of vessels/people - done right you could have a powerful combination of Tribes and TF2.

Mosquito: arg, but the main forcus of my TC is based mostly around the starships... maybe we could do both...

RegularX: I'd flush out both sides of the idea, determine what is the most doable. There seems to be open questions for both sides. Like having boarding, but starfighters being the main focus, or having a class which only controls shields/repairs (interesting but insansely complicated technically). Seems like it's the same start (space, ships) and end (ships blow up), it's just the stuff in the middle.

HarvesterUT: Well there are 2 other people currently helping me (both coders) and we all agree that the game should focus on the

individual starfighters and not controlling large battleships. First, we dont think the idea is as good b/c the game is meant to be VERY

fast-paced and have an arcade feel to it. Second, we dont know how the engine would handle so many large meshes zooming around. It's just

not feasable to have EACH player control a hugh ship. and the class idea of having just repair guys isnt the best IMHO. Nobody wants

to join a game and be stuck playing the mechanic. Like in Deathball, most people dont like being the goal-keeper. why? cuz they miss

all the action and get blamed when their team loses. Everyone wants to be a hero, and everyone wants to pilot a fast, futuristic space

fighter. we shouldnt make the game too complex by making "mechanic classes" and such. If the idea is going to be expanded, it should

come at a later date after a beta has been released and the public gives us feedback. Start simple, simple goals, see if they work,

then expand upon a good, solid idea. So is there anyone who wants to help out? We could really use some texture artists and skinners.

And maybe one modeler, too. Send me an email or post here.

Mosquito: you guys still working on it? I'll help... ONLY if the fighters have a REALISTIC flight model!

Foxpaw: I don't think that's very feasable. I considered making a realistic flight model for the ships in my mod.. then realized that atmospheric aircraft already go quite quickly - futuristic space fighters would likely be pushing in excess of several thousand meters per second, and combat would be at ranges beyond human eyesight. For my mod I decided a more sci-fi space combat style was more appropriate. :P