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Think Super Mario Kart, but instead of the Mushroom kingdom it's set in the Unreal Universe. Therefore instead of Bowser we have Xan, instead of Luigi we have Malcolm, etc.

The idea for the mod is to be fun, not realistic

The complete (evolving) design document can be found on this special wiki


  • Michiel 'El Muerte' Hendriks
  • TNSe showed interest (actually, TNSe sort of came up with the idea)
  • AlphaOne ... I just have to be here ...

need more

  • mapper (racing track developers)
  • modellers
  • 2D artists
  • programmers
  • etc..


  • forum
  • website


El Muerte: Join this mod, because we've got lions

pgibbs: If you need (another) coder, I think i'd like to help since this looks nice.