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Name: Dalin Seivewright
Age: 18
E-Mail: dalin.seivewright[DELETEME]



Completed/Released Projects[edit]

Anti-TTF Mutator[edit]


This mutator stopped players from being able to tele-frag other players on their team. Contrary to popular believe, TFing someone on the other team is not the same as TFing someone on your own team is the result of what I can only describe as a bug in the engine that is only account for by killing someone due to tele-fragging. There are if I remember correctly 3 types of telefragging damage types. one is used to describe normal telefragging, the other two are special cases the engine uses. Anyways, this mutator in theory and in practice prevents that from happening. Instead of dying, the player who would have died will remain untouched as the player who tried to telefrag them will be either respawned at a player start or actually killed. There is an option to choose either way you prefer for your server. It has been tested with bots (who are notorious for this) and online.

Also, many many many other mutators which are either so common that they need not be released, have been lost due to computer complications, or have been branded with the "I made this and it serves no purpose to me or anyone!" and thus, deleted.

Postponed/Cancelled Projects[edit]



I'm working on a custom AI which I am totally codenaming "Icraus". It is my attempts at a custom AI coded bottom up from scratch. Most likely to only be used in Deathmatch situations, Icarus bots will not use the AI systems implemented in UT2004 so NavigationPoints will not be used. This also means that the bots will not be omnipresent so they won't know the location of all enemy players until they actually see them, they won't know locations of weapons unless they've been that weapon pickup and eventually, they will play, learn and eventually improve themselves and how they play. It is an attempt to make a more 'real' opponent because I was getting tired of getting one-shot killed (InstaGib) after jumping from the top of a tower in CTF-FaceClassic and other such maps. When its done, it will be released as open-source with a license of some sort.


It was derived from a concept for a sort of total conversion that involved, 3rd person view, restricted movement (i.e. only up,down,left,right and all 45 degree diagonal movements), and some other things A-la Metal Gear Solid. That plan was recently scrapped however as my interest grew with regards to the AI that I was coding from scratch for the mod.


The bots will be implemented into the game most likely through a custom gametype. Because the AI does not extend from the usual AI tree in UT2004, it can't be linked into a normal UT game without excess code. My plans for implementing may change however. Another idea was to use a mutator to change the bots that are spawned but even that would take awhile to work out. Gametypes can be unforgiving when you don't do things the way that it wants you to.

And then many many many 'large' scale projects and mutators which either haven't gotten off the ground or were near completion but were stopped for whatever reason.


Daedalus was a server bot designed to punish people for swearing and team killing. It also featured some user commands that could be 'said' rather than typed into the console for the command to be executed. The only real testing for it happened on a server that was part of a Guild I was with a long time ago. The source and the actual bot itself is lost.