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This actor represents a neutral Onslaught powernode. Any PlayerStarts, ONSVehicleFactorys, or ONSManualGunPawn laser turrets will automatically link to the closest powernode or powercore.

Unique Editable Properties[edit]


string ActiveSound 
Ambient sound to emit from this node
bool bFinalCore 
default true if this is one of the (real) PowerCores (not a PowerNode)
bool bPowered 
I assume this is to see if the PowerNode is powered and its default is false hence, when a ONS game starts none of the nodes are powered, so I assume when the node becomes powered by a team it becomes bPowered=True for that node :)
bool bStartNeutral 
Default True. I assume toggles whether the node is capturable from the start of the game.
string ConstructedSound 
Sound to play when the node finishes construction
int ConstructionTime 
Time in seconds for the node to build if a player starts construction and lets the node build itself
string DeadStaticMesh 
only used for PowerCores - StaticMesh to use when PowerCore is destroyed
string DestroyedSound 
Sound to play when the node is destroyed
string HealedSound 
Sound to play when the node has been healed back to full health
string HealingSound 
Sound to play as a player heals the node
string NeutralSound 
Sound played when the node is unclaimed by either team
string StartConstructionSound 
Sound played when the node begins construction


When building an Onslaught map, you should never need to change any of these values.