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UT :: Actor (UT) >> ParticleSystem >> EmitterCombiner

This class is part of RParticles by Raven

Emitter Combiner is used for merging many emitters into one effect.

Group Force[edit]

SMultiS EmitterConfig[50] 
emitter configuration
bool bTrailerEmitter 
should emitters fallow this actor
bool bSpawnOnceOnly 
should emitter be spawned once only
bool bDestroy 
should EmitterMultiSpawner be destroyed
int EmitterNum 
number of emitters (can not be 0 or higher then 50)



class<ParticleEmitter> ParticleEmitter 
spawned emitters
vector EmitterOffset 
emitter position relative to EmitterMultiSpawner location
rotator EmittterRotation 
emitters rotations
name EmitterState 
emitter state (TriggerControl/TriggerTurnsOff/TriggerTurnsOn/TriggerToggle/TriggeredBlast)
name EmitterTag 
tag (so it can be triggered)
ERotationType RoataionType 
type of emitter rotation



ROT_Default ; rotation will not be changed
ROT_Spawner ; emitter will have EmitterMultiSpawner rotation
custom rotation (EmittterRotation)