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The Ut2007 is very much like the ut2004 rocket launcher

(but obviously I say this from watching the videos- there will be differences I'm sure. One rumour is that they'll be heat seeking in UT2007)

  • primary fire fires a single shot
  • secondary fire draws 3 rockets into the firing chamber
    • once the chamber is full, or alt fire is released, the rockets are launched
    • Pressing primary fire after alt fire sends the three rockets in a tight spiral rather than a tighter spread.

Tactical uses of the rocket launcher in Onslaught[edit]

  • If a player is broadcasting his position - i.e. you know where he is by seeing his shots; but can't see him; load up 3 rockets and time it so that the rockets fly as you come face to face.
  • They are very useful against scorpions. The momentum stops a scorpion in it's tracks; causing a spin and disorientation in your opponents. 3 rockets will give you a frag as well
  • The prefered medium range weapon vs a goliath. Dodging in front; releasing a rocket, and dodging again for cover works well. Making the initial attack a 3 rocket attack will take a big dent out of his health before he knows he is being attacked.
  • Rockets fly very straight and are ideal to attack nodes or turrets at a distance. Lining up a long shot with a sniper rifle; and staying motionless is a risky but handy strategy.
  • Rockets are rarely useful against mantas or raptors; unless they are pinned down by a shock core or turret.

Tactical uses of the rocket launcher in Deathmatch[edit]

  • the rocket launcher causes your opponent to leave the floor; preventing him from dodging. Good players can predict where the player will land, and another rocket will meet the player as he lands
  • Hitting the ground by a player's feet is easier than hitting a player. Launching the rocket from the top of a jump or dodge gives you a better angle to target your opponent's feet than shooting from standing.

Tarquin: what's this page about?

Rhirid: When new players buy UT2007; this will hopefully be a helpful FAQ\gameguide.

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