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Actor >> Trigger >> RoundRobin

The RoundRobin Trigger responds to an Event by initiating one of a series of new events. A real-world example of the RoundRobin effect is the dual-function "Play/Pause" button on many stereo CD players, which when first pressed causes the CD to play, but when pressed a second time causes the CD to pause. The RoundRobin is useful whenever you need a single Trigger to change function with each activation.

The significant properties of the RoundRobin are Tag, OutEvents, and bLoop.

RoundRobin Significant Properties[edit]

Name Description
RoundRobin -> OutEvents Sequential series of events to be triggered by the RoundRobin. Up to 15 may be specified.
RoundRobin -> bLoop If "True" the RoundRobin will loop back to the first OutEvent if it has already triggered the final specified OutEvent.
Events -> Tag The name of the Event by which The RoundRobin is triggered

RoundRobin Examples[edit]

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