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UTV 2003 is a modification for Unreal Tournament 2003 that allows live matches to be re-broadcasted via multiple spectator servers. If someone has a UT2003 server that he expects a lot of spectators to he can setup a UTV proxy on another machine and connect it to the game server. Then the spectators can join the UTV proxy instead of the game server. If he expects a really big crowd he can also connect additional proxies to the first one that spectators can then connect to. By chaining off proxies servers, CPU load and bandwidth requirements can be moved from the game server to an unlimited number of proxies.

This page describes in short how to use the UTV commandlet to run a UTV proxy server.

Please refer to the UTV readme for information about installing and configuring UTV.


To run the UTV proxy with the default parameters use:


To run the UTV proxy with other parameters than configured in UTV.ini use:

UCC UTV [serveraddress=<addr>] [serverport=<port>] [listenport=<port>]
   [primarypassword=<pass>] [normalpassword=<pass>] [joinpassword=<pass>]
   [delay=<seconds>] [maxclients=<num>] [seeall=<1/0>]


All parameters are optional and override the values in UTV.ini.

The IP address the proxy should connect to.
The port on the server the proxy should connect to.
The port the proxy should listen for clients on.
The password needed to become primary client.
The password clients need to join the proxy.
The password the proxy will use when connecting to the game.
Number of seconds to delay the feed from the server.
The maximum number of clients allowed on this proxy.
Determines if the proxy will use the SeeAll mode.

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