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UT :: Actor >> Info (UT) >> SavedMove (Package: Engine)
UT2003 :: Actor >> Info >> SavedMove (Package: Engine)
UT2004 :: Actor >> Info >> SavedMove (Package: Engine)

SavedMove is used during network play to buffer recent client moves, for use when the server modifies the clients actual position, etc. This is a built-in Unreal class and it shouldn't be modified. SavedMove is a linked list.


SavedMove NextMove 
Used to get the next saved moved in the linked list.
float TimeStamp  
The time this move was made.
float Delta 
How long this move took to make.
bool bRun 
Was the player running?
bool bDuck 
Was the player ducking?
bool bPressedJump 
Did the player jump?
bool bDoubleJump 
Did the player double jump?
EDoubleClickDir DoubleClickMove 
Direction the player dodged in.
EPhysics SavedPhysics 
The physics state the player was in at the time of move.
vector StartLocation 
vector StartRelativeLocation 
vector StartVelocity 
vector StartFloor 
vector SavedLocation 
The position of the player at time of move.
vector SavedVelocity 
The position of the player at time of move
vector SavedRelativeLocation 
Actor StartBase 
Actor EndBase 


Clear() [final] 
Clears the 'slate' of this saved move is it can be used to capture another move when its not needed.
PostUpdate(PlayerController P) [final]
vector GetStartLocation()
SetInitialPosition(Pawn P) [final]
Gets the initial state/variables of the player.
SetMoveFor(PlayerController P, float DeltaTime, vector NewAccel, EDoubleClickDir InDoubleClick) [final]