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About me..[edit]

Hmm well, now some uninteresting stuff about an even more uninteresting german guy...

I'm 18 right now and live in Germany. Currently I'm about to finish my "Abitur" in 2 years. You can call me Shadow, Shad or Stephan (my real name). I got my nickname from friends when they were amazed at my love for lighting and shadows.. ha ha.. how inventive..

I started primitive developing back in 1996 with Heretic (and it's fucking ED..).

1998 Unreal was released and through my interest for Editors and Mapping I took the first looks into the UnrealED and made some CRAP-maps ha ha. With the release of UnrealTournament I started coding, mostly interested through my already existing experience in Basic, Q-Basic, TurboPascal .. noticing that UnrealScript was a fine programming language xD

After some days of practise I coded the first mutators and small weapon mods mostly for friends.

Around 2003 I gained more and more experience in C++ and Mapping too. With the time I became some kind of Mapper/Coder Hybrid. My first big project was Lost Secrets of Na Pali (short: LSoNP), started when I was 16... First it was thought as a smaller Singleplayer-Campaign but during developing many graphical extensions have been made and the project expanded to a Total Conversion while the count of Team Members grow to more than 15 guys. However .. it failed during 2006 and was cancelled then. After some serious discussion we decided that I'll work on an indipendent Bonus Pack containing the extensions been made for LSoNP. During concrete developing of the Pack more and more features were added to the already existing ones. This now is my current project. The UnrealTournament Extension Pack. The Render with the extended Mesh System and the Hardware Post Processing Effects was coded by moonangel (ex-HeadCoder of the LSoNP-Team), everything else is completely done by me.

I mostly stick with UT99 because I have more experience than for other UnrealEngine Games I also never got that interested in UT2004 and so on. I also think that UT99 is far from dead, many good and great Mods and even Total Conversions are been made (Marathon: Resurrection, The Chosen One, PerfectDark UT, UNREAL: Phoenix Rising, UNREAL: Battle for Na Pali.. just to name SOME) and I hope that one of these great titles will finally be voted in MOTY (ModDB Mod of the Year) 2008 Top100 (or better).

Contact Info[edit]

Name Stephan, or Shadow (Nickname)
eMail UT99SDK[at]gmx.de
IRC I'm not that often at IRC
ICQ 286761044

UT99 Extension Pack ModDB Profile

My personal Myspace

The offical Extension Pack Myspace

My LastFM Profile

The old LSoNP ModDB Profile

UnrealED.de Board

UnrealED.eu Board

UnrealSP.org Forums

Prefered Skills[edit]

I'm mostly skilled in:


  • Canvas/HUD
  • Physics (including Quaternions)
  • Items/Pickups (especially Weapons)
  • Mutators
  • Pawn/AI Coding
  • Native Coding
  • Decals
  • Lights/LightEffects/Lighting
  • Triggers/SpecialEvents/Keypoints
  • Effects, ParticleSystems, extended Graphics
  • Gameinfos and Gametypes
  • Projectiles
  • Objects and UWindow System
  • UnrealMenu System
  • Movers (but not BrushBuilders :P)


  • Decent Architecture
  • good basic and advanced Singleplayer Mapping Knowledge (but Multiplayer Mapping too ^^..)
  • Concerned about Lighting
  • Cutscenes/Scripted Sequences
  • Aligning Techniques
  • Gameplay and Map-Build Ideas
  • Item-Placement
  • all in all what you need to be a "good" Mapper

Now that should be enough information about me now..

Side-Note: you'll often notice an "xt"-prefix placed at many names, it's just short for UnrealTournament Extension Pack (eXTension) and indicates that this project has something to do with it however..

Projects (UT99)[edit]


There have been some Mutators made by me, but never released.. well except a Mutator in a Map by Creavion (a "Mapper-Buddy" of mine, ex-HeadMapper of the LSoNP-Team).

Combiner Weapons/xtSpecialWeapons xtSpecialWeapons in DM-Ryigiar (Special-Edition)

xtSpecialWeapons is a public pre-Release Version of Weapons capable of Overlayers/Combiners using the Canvas that the UnrealTournament Extension Pack will contain. It does only contain 10 revamped UT Weapons (no Redeemer, no Translocator, no Chainsaw) in the Extension Pack there'll be all UT Weapons + all Unreal Weapons with revamped graphics.


'UNREAL: Phoenix Rising

This mod is a special complete version of Unreal (only the Maps and System files, it still needs an UnrealEngine Game to be played (preferably UnrealTournament)) in a whole refreshed look and feel. The enhanced graphics are based on the Extension Pack below and it will also contain some totally new content and features.

Developing Packs/SDKs[edit]

'UnrealTournament Extension Pack

It's an indipendent Developing Package for the old UnrealTournament containing besides many new graphical features (PostProcessing, completely new MeshSystem, Emitters, Projectors..), new physics and vehicles, new sound features, extended AI, several Gameplay Systems and Actors, Tech Demos and so on. It ships with tons of example content and tutorials, tech demos and test maps. There're also 6 projects right now officialy cooperating and using the Pack to improve their own project. 1 is a Map and the other 5 are big Mods and also Total Conversions...



The xtMeshTool is a special UnrealEngine Tool first coded by moonangel and CWF for LSoNP and continued now by me. It allows converting prefabs and 3dsmax models into the Hardware Meshes for the new Mesh System of the Extension Pack. It's mostly compatible with the UnrealEngine 1 and the UnrealED 2 but it still lacks a collision support...

Projects (UT III)[edit]

Sorry nothing here yet... As soon as I get a new PC I'll continue UnrealEngine Developing on the UnrealEngine 3.

It's still open if LSoNP will probably be ported to the UnrealEngine 3 one day, but personally.. I can only imagine mapping a good DM-Map for UT III now, since it still lacks (good..) community content (especially maps) but not continuing LSoNP.