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SpecialControlCannon is an actor that is part of the NBSpecialsUT package, created by Beppo.


It creates a stationary gun emplacement that can be controlled by any player and even some pawns. It is different from TeamCannon because you can aim and fire it yourself.

After installing the NBSpecialsUT package you will find it in the Actor -> Decoration -> SpecialControlCannon

To place it in a map, select it in the Actor browser, place it somewhere on the map, then place a Trigger very close to it and set the Triggers event the same as the ControlSpecialCannon's Tag

In its properties you can find at SpecialControlCannon the next options:

This message will be send to the player that has activated it.
Projectiles to be used if pressing the first / alternative fire button.
Firing rates of the two projectiles. Reload times.
If needed you can specify some reloading / cocking sounds.
Can the cannon be destroyed? If set to true it will be destroyed when the amount of damage done to it is more than the guns health specified in Cannon -> Health (See Cannon for details).
If activated the cannon don’t plays its activate animation (dropping some inches down). This only works if you specify a ‘starting animation’ under Display.AnimSequence = ‘Angle0’ for example. So you don’t have the ‘effect’ of a floating cannon cause you specify where it is ‘hanging’. Cause you control the cannon the location and ‘point of view’ is of no effect for firing (not to compare with the same parameter under the SpecialCannon). Look at the double cannons in DMDeathZone for a better understanding.
When set to true the gun will fire on release of the fire or alt-fire button. When false it will fire instantly.
Here you can select a specific type of projectile that will be used by the cannon.
  • Proj_Default - the standard projectile is used (CannonBolt)
  • Proj_Class - the projectiles from the ProjectileClasses are used

SpecialInstantHit is another properties page for when you want to make the gun act as a minigun.

The accuracy of the shots fired in primary or Alternative firing modes of the gun. A value of 1 is always on target.
This activates or deactivates the minigun behaviour. Defaults to 'False'.