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Legacy:Specific Arena Mutators

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With all arena mutators that come with UT, players simply spawn with nothing other than a fully loaded copy of that particular weapon. Also, picking up any copy of the weapon or any piece of ammo in the map will refill the weapon back up to its maximum ammo capacity, rather than just adding to the weapon's ammo. This is probably to stress the fact that weapon and ammo pickups are much less relevant when the map contains only one weapon.

The exception is with the InstaGibDM arena mutator. The default weapon is an enhanced shock rifle that kills with one hit, regardless of health or armor. As a result, the UDamage and all health and armor pickups are irrelevant to gameplay when using this mutator. Also, the weapon never runs out of ammunition, so weapon and ammo pickups are also irrelevant. This means that the mutator leaves only the JumpBoots and the Invisibility in the map as items that players can pick up.

The arena mutators that come with UT are:

  • Flak Arena: Flak cannons only.
  • Impact Arena: Impact hammers only.
  • InstaGib: See explanation above.
  • MinigunArena: Miniguns only.
  • PulseArena: Pulse guns only.
  • RocketArena: Rocket launchers only.
  • ShockArena: Shock rifles only.
  • SniperArena: Sniper rifles only.

There are a few problems with arena mutators that some players just don't like. The most common of these problems is that players are not able to use Translocators when any of these arena mutators are running. However, there are a number of alternate arena mutators in the mod community that deal with such matters.