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Pivot fixes[edit]

Fed up with meshes that don't align? Here's how to fix them: set the Display->Prepivot property as follows...

  • StaticMesh'Pipe_Static.General.TubeSupportWire' – ( -3, 8, 0 )

Legal: I'm sure this is useful, but where is it and how do I use it? Please explain more!

Tarquin: When you place that mesh... set Display->Prepivot to that vector to align the mesh properly on the grid.

Legal: Oh, so it's a special SM that's got a dodgy Pivot? I get it then.

Mychaeel: This page is probably the last one where I'd look for this information. Could the original author put it on Static Mesh Package or Static Mesh perhaps?

Uncommon: Maybe there should be a pivot fix page, with links from other appropriate pages.

Tarquin: I could start a page "static mesh pivot fix" I suppose. I just thought that since someone started these pages about individual packages (which I wasn't too keen on), I might as well put useful info on them. Here's another one:

  • StaticMesh'skyline-meshes-epic.structural.skyline-pillaredgershort' (12,0,0) if you want the little tabs to be on-grid. (8,-4,0) if you want the point of the smoothed corner to be on-grid.