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Sweavo's social / clan mutator ideas

Project: BadgesOfRank[edit]

This is an idea whereby the server admin can award badges to users arbitrarily, for example, clan members might get a particular insignia, recruits another, admin another, maybe clan members can have their own personal avatars. Maybe idiots who are cruising for a ban get a dunce's hat. These would appear as small icons on the scoreboard at game end.

Not sure yet how to make all this work. I want to hook into the players' unique IDs to identify them, study the .ini and savepackage documentation to work out how to store and load the players' settings (which must be SERVER SIDE), figure out how to display icons in an interaction, and wire them into the scoreboard.

It would be nice to factor this so that there is an infrastructure that allows an arbitrary linked-list of PersonalRegulation objects to be attached to a particular player, which persists across games. Then other ideas could easily be folded in to the infrastructure like stripping off the clan tag from non-clan members etc.