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Back, after my rig died for NEARLY 2 YEARS!! Replaced HD, Monitor, Mobo, GFX, Memory, PSU, Mobo and GFX again, and FINALLY have a stable system!

Currently playing as sometimes get sweary at sweary people, usually nice to non-sweary people. I am not noob, but I AM lame. Mostly VCTF is my thing.

Former names: [SAS]splinter, ukj_n00b and This last name amoosed me muchly because a Dutch server wouldn't let me join because my name contained a rude word (n00b) so I was forced to change it. It let me have chutneyferret though.

Current Projects[edit]


  • Legacy:Sweavo/CarJack
  • Refactoring The Wiki I think it's time the wiki was sorted out and tidied up, at least to distinguish between UT2004 and UT99, before UT3 shows up here! Additionally, a readable and useful wiki will really help all the noob modders who will hopefully show up as the game is released...

Random Thing[edit]

Old Projects[edit]

Mod Ideas[edit]

  • A means of blocking off areas of a map based on the number of players, especially useful in camping servers
  • Players can choose their favourite skins on a map-by-map basis. This is possibly a client-side mutator - how would it interact with ANTI-TCC?
  • If for example there is a goliath pwning some part of the map but it's nearly dead, and I heal it, I deserve some points for every kill it makes from then on. This is a wooly idea but it would be good to come up with a scoring system that encouraged synergistic teamplay
  • A link-manta, with weak primary link fire and good secondary link fire, only really any good in a supporting role on maps with large number of players for healing vehs and nodes, or if linked up to one another, can become powerful (though hard to maintain links because they are so nimble)
  • Use a spider-mine as a vehicle? Hahah, how cool would that be... hmm, maybe I need to cut my caffeine intake


Sweavo: please put discussion under the relevant subsection thanks