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Legacy:TeamInfo (UT)

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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Info (UT) >> TeamInfo (Package: UnrealShare)

This is just another class of Info that is designed to be replicated. Put to use only in team games, this actor simply keeps track of all variables that pertain to a single team in the game. Its only other significant trait is that it contains bAlwaysRelevant=True, just like any ReplicationInfo. Why this class wasn't made a subclass of ReplicationInfo is something that is unknown to this author.

See TeamInfo for the UT200x version of this class.


int TeamIndex 
The index of this team in the Teams array of TeamGame or TeamGamePlus. The forementioned array is an array of this very class. Teams[n] is used for the purpose described above for each team in the game. This index corresponds to the byte value of PlayerReplicationInfo.Team.
string TeamName 
The team's name. Set to string value of array TeamGamePlus.TeamColor[n] where n corresponds to TeamIndex and TeamGamePlus essentially sets Teams[TeamIndex].TeamName to the string value of TeamColor[TeamIndex] and therefore "Red", "Blue", etc.
int Size 
The number of players on this team.
float Score 
The team's score. TeamGamePlus.ScoreKill(...) uses the byte value of PlayerReplicationInfo.Team as a handle to TeamIndex to alter Score.