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UT2003 :: Actor >> Info >> GameInfo >> UnrealMPGameInfo >> DeathMatch >> TeamGame

Known subclasses[edit]

  |     +-xCTFGame


ADR_Goal (float) 
ADR_Return (float) 
ADR_Control (float) 

Sets how adrenaline is awarded for team actions


Teams[2] (UnrealTeamInfo) 
BlueTeamName (string) 
when specific pre-designed teams are specified on the URL
RedTeamName (string) 
when specific pre-designed teams are specified on the URL
bool bScoreTeamKills () 
when true, team score is the sum of each player's score in the team (TDM), set false for other score calculation
globalconfig bool bBalanceTeams () 
bots balance teams
globalconfig bool bPlayersBalanceTeams () 
players balance teams
bSpawnInTeamArea (bool) 
players spawn in marked team playerstarts
bool bScoreVictimsTarget () 
Should we check a victims target for bonuses
int MaxTeamSize (config) 
float FriendlyFireScale (config) 
scale friendly fire damage by this value
TeamAIType[2] (class<TeamAI>) 
NearString (string) 
CaptureSound[2] (sound) 
TakeLead[2] (sound) 
IncreaseLead[2] (sound) 
HatTrickSound (sound) 
TGPropsDisplayText[4] (string) 
TempSymbols[2] (texture)