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UT2003 :: Actor >> Info >> GameInfo >> UnrealMPGameInfo >> DeathMatch

Known subclasses[edit]

 +- TeamGame
 |   +- CTFGame
 |   |   +- xCTFGame
 |   |       +- InstagibCTF (UT200x)
 |   |       +- xVehicleCTFGame (UT2004)
 |   +- xBombingRun (UT200x)
 |   +- xDoubleDom (UT200x)
 |   +- xTeamGame
 |       +- ASGameInfo (UT2004)
 |       +- Invasion (UT2004)
 |       +- ONSOnslaughtGame (UT2004)
 +- xDeathMatch
     +- BossDM
     +- xLastManStandingGame (UT2004)
     +- xMutantGame (UT2004)


ADR_Kill (float) 
ADR_MajorKill (float) 
ADR_MinorError (float) 
ADR_MinorBonus (float) 
ADR_KillTeamMate (float) 

I'm guessing the above all set how much adrenaline is awarded (or removed) for different actions.


NumRounds (int) 
NetWait (int) 
time to wait for players in netgames w/ bNetReady (typically team games)*/
MinNetPlayers (int) 
how many players must join before net game will start*/
RestartWait (int) 
bNoCoronas (bool) 
don't display team coronas on player shoulders*/
bForceDefaultCharacter (bool) 
all characters shown using default (jugg male) mesh*/
bTournament (bool) 
number of players must equal maxplayers for game to start*/
bPlayersMustBeReady (bool) 
players must confirm ready for game to start*/
bForceRespawn (bool) 
bAdjustSkill (bool) 
bAllowTaunts (bool) 
bool bAllowTrans () 
bWaitForNetPlayers () 
wait until more than MinNetPlayers players have joined before starting match*/
bMustJoinBeforeStart () 
players can only spectate if they join after the game starts*/
bool bFirstBlood () 
bool bQuickStart () 
bool bStartedCountDown () 
bool bFinalStartup () 
bool bOverTimeBroadcast () 
bool bEpicNames () 
bool bKillBots () 
StartupStage (byte) 
what startup message to display*/
RemainingTime (int) 
ElapsedTime (int) 
CountDown (int) 
AdjustedDifficulty (float) 
PlayerKills (int) 
PlayerDeaths (int) 
DMSquadClass (class<SquadAI>) 
squad class to use for bots in DM games (no team)*/
LevelRulesClass (class<LevelGameRules>) 
LevelRules (LevelGameRules) 
level designer overriding of game settings (hook for mod authors)*/
SpawnProtectionTime (float) 
EnemyRoster (UnrealTeamInfo) 
EnemyRosterName (string) 
DefaultEnemyRosterClass (string) 
RemainingBots () 
InitialBots () 
LastPlayerStartSpot (NavigationPoint) 
last place player looking for start spot started from*/
LastStartSpot (NavigationPoint) 
last place any player started from*/
NameNumber () 
append to ensure unique name if duplicate player name change requested*/
EndMessageWait () 
wait before playing which team won the match*/
EndMessageCounter () 
end message counter*/
EndGameSound[2] () 
end game sounds*/
AltEndGameSound[2] (Sound) 
SinglePlayerWait () 
single-player wait delay before auto-returning to menus*/
NamePrefixes[10] (string) 
for bots with same name*/
NameSuffixes[10] (string) 
for bots with same name*/
EndGameFocus (actor) 
StandalonePlayer (PlayerController) 
DMPropsDisplayText[9] (string) 
EpicNames[21] (string) 
EpicOffset (int) 
TotalEpic (int) 



Level Gameplay Modifications[edit]

Used to allow the game rules to reduce damage. This specific version first tests the spawnprotection time before calling its parent class's version of this function (basically to allow armour and the GameModifier to influence damage). After this is done, the function checks difficulty and halves damage to human players in standalone easy games. The function also modifies the damage done by bots based on their skill level and whether or not they're using a melle weapon. Finally, the instigator's damagescaling is used to affect the final value.

Inherited from GameInfo[edit]

Called by the CheatManager function of the same name. Spawns a bot which tests all the level's JumpSpots. The test is implemented in the Bot's Testing state.

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