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UT2003 :: Actor >> Keypoint >> TransbeaconTeleporter (Package: XWeapons)

When a translocator disk (TransBeacon) touches the TransbeaconTeleporter it gets teleported to the first JumpSpot with the specified Tag.

The only two stock maps which have this actor are CTF-Chrome and CTF-Face3, but the TransbeaconTeleporters in in CTF-Face3 don't work, because they don't have a valid JumpSpotTag. In CTF-Chrome the two TransbeaconTeleporters are placed in such a way, that they allow the defenders to "welcome" the enemy flag carrier a second time between the two bases instead of following him.

There is no similar class in UT.



name JumpSpotTag 
The Tag of the JumpSpot to teleport the TransBeacon to.


JumpSpot myJumpSpot 
A reference to the destination JumpSpot. Set in PostBeginPlay if JumpSpotTag isn't empty.

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