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In the SinglePlayer and Coop gametypes originally designed for Unreal, the storylines of the maps were usually reinforced with text messages. Most of these messages came in the form of TranslatorEvents placed in maps. Whenever one of these triggers is touched by a player with a Translator in his/her inventory, the TranslatorEvent will beep with some sound, and that player's Translator will recieve the content of the Translator's message. The message is stored in the Translator until the player touches another TranslatorEvent actor.


Sound NewMessageSound 
The TranslatorEvent will play this sound whenever a player touches it.
float ReTriggerDelay 
This variable is common to most types of Triggers (UT) that perform some action when they are touched. This just means that once the TranslatorEvent has been set off, it can't be set off again for this many seconds.
bool bTriggerAltMessage 

If True, then the TranslatorEvent will change itself after it's triggered so that it sends an alternate message. An example of this is a computer in the level that says "Access Denied" until the player changes something elsewhere in the level. Later, when the player comes back, the TranslatorEvent can then say "Access Granted", or something similar.

If this is False, then the player will simply receive the original message when the TranslatorEvent is triggered, regardless of where the player is standing.

string Message (localized) 
This is the message that the TranslatorEvent will send to the player's Translator.
string AltMessage (localized) 
This is the alternate message that the TranslatorEvent will send to the player's Translator, if bTriggerAltMessage is True and the TranslatorEvent has been triggered once.
string M_NewMessage (localized)
string M_TransMessage (localized 
These are short strings that show up in a player's console to notify him of a message that he has recieved. M_NewMessage will be sent the first time he touches the TranslatorEvent, and M_TransMessage will be sent every other time he touches it.
While the default "New Translator Message" and "Translator Message" strings for these variables are fine, it is a refreshing change to see a map where these variables are changed in some cases. Creative mappers will sometimes use such phrases as "An inscription is carved on this wall" or "The corpse has a recorded log."

The TranslatorEvent's other unique variable are not relevant, as they are for game features that were never implemented.