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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Triggers (UT) >> TriggeredDeath (Package: UnrealShare)

Any pawn that touches this trigger will be killed. If the pawn is a player pawn, then a death sequence is activated with optional fog. At the start of the death sequence, the player loses all items, including the non-throwable items. During the death sequence, the player has 1 health. The player can still run around and pick up items during the death sequence. If the player picks up a health or TournamentHealth item, the death sequence ends, but he/she is missing inventory items. Due to a bug ScriptedPawns do not get killed. See discussion page for details.


TriggeredDeath Group[edit]

bool bDestroyItems 
If true, destroys all weapons and decorations that enter the collision radius. Note: do not use this in a Capture the Flag game, as it will destroy a flag that enters its collision volume and thus make it impossible for either team to score thereafter.
float ChangeTime 
How long the death sequence takes in seconds.
name DeathName 
When a DamageType such as Burned, Corroded or Drowned is used here, it alters the death message. With nothing here, the death message is the same for falling. (So-and-so left a small crater.)
vector EndFlashFog 
Colored view fog at end of death sequence, similar to the ViewFog in the ZoneInfo (UT) actor.
float EndFlashScale 
If set to a negative value, this makes the scenery darker and the FlashFog more visible as the death sequence ends. At some point, the screen turns totally black.
sound FemaleDeathSound 
Sound used when a female player or bot touches the TriggeredDeath.
sound MaleDeathSound 
Sound used when a male player or bot touches the TriggeredDeath.
vector StartFlashFog 
Colored view fog at start of death sequence.
float StartFlashScale 
This is similar to the EndFlashScale but it affects the initial FlashScale setting.


float TimePassed[8]
PlayerPawn Victim[8] 
For flashing PlayerPawn's screen the PlayerPawn must be remembered for ChangeTime seconds. These arrays stores up to 8 references to players and their flashing time.