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UT :: Object (UT) >> Factory >> TextureFactory >> FontFactory >> TrueTypeFontFactory (Package: Engine)
UT2003 :: Object >> Factory >> TextureFactory >> FontFactory >> TrueTypeFontFactory (Package: Engine)

The TrueTypeFontFactory is used in exec directives to import true type fonts. Its properties can be used as parameters for #exec NEW TRUETYPEFONTFACTORY.


bool AntiAlias 
Whether the font should be antialiased.
int CharactersPerPage (only UT) 
How many characters should be placed on each texture when importing.
string Chars 
A list of characters that should be imported. If this is left empty all characters are imported.
int Count 
int DropShadowX
int DropShadowY (only UT2003)
Creates a black shadow effect to the lower right. The numbers don't seem to correspond to actual pixels since a DropShadowX/Y of 1 actually creates a much larger shadow for larget font sizes.
int ExtendBoxBottom
int ExtendBoxLeft
int ExtendBoxRight
int ExtendBoxTop (only UT2003) 
string FontName 
The Windows font name like it's displayed in the Windows\Fonts directory, e.g. "MS Sans Serif". Note that Windows in other languages can have different font names, e.g. "Arial Fett Kursiv" instead of "Arial Bold Italic".
float Gamma 
float Height 
The imported font's height.
string List (only UT) 
bool Italic (only UT2003) 
Whether the font should be imported as italic. Note that some fonts already have an italic version so this parameter is not neccessary every time you need an italic font.
int Kerning (only UT2003) 
name Name 
The name for the imported font you want to use to access the font later.
string Path 
int Style (only UT2003) 
For making the font bold?
bool Underline (only UT2003) 
Whether the font should be imported underlined.
string UnicodeRange 
int USize
int VSize 
The size of the textures used to store the font. You shouldn't need to change this.
string Wildcard 
int XPad
int YPad 

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