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Anatomy of UT2K3[edit]

CRAP! There's a ton of files to UT2K3. Even with examining everything you quickly get lost. Let's see..

Object >> Actor >> Pawn >> YourPawnClass

Pawns are things that are controlled.

Object >> Actor >> Controller >> AIController >> YourAIController
Object >> Actor >> Controller >> PlayerController >> YourPlayerController

A controller determines what a pawn does. A controller can either be an AI controller, or a player controller. As Mychaeel states people who play Unreal engine games expect bots to be there, so ensure you check out

Question: do you extend PlayerController or UnrealPlayer? UnrealPlayer sits below PlayerController and has xPlayer available to it. Hm..

Oooh! DamageTypes!

Object >> Actor >> DamageType >> YourDamageType

There's a nifty one. DamageExplosive. DamageBullet. Hm..

Decoration seems innocent. But it's not. Inside it we find

So obviously decoration items are more generic, but placeable inside maps. Well, maybe not obviously.. I could be wrong..

Another important one to note.

Object >> Actor >> HUD >> HUDBase >> YourHUD

You can subclass another HUD if you want of the functionality the others offer. I'm looking to start ours from scratch..

"Used to display alternate information over the HUD." Hm. Sounds interesting. I'll have to find usage of it somewhere.

A very important one!

Object >> Actor >> Info >> GameInfo >> YourGameInfo

I'm sure this has usefulness somehow.

Confusing stuff ahead! BE WARY! I kind of understand replication. I have a lot of work ahead of me in this arena.

Object >> Actor >> Info >> ReplicationInfo >> PlayerReplicationInfo >> YourPlayerReplicationInfo
Object >> Actor >> Info >> ReplicationInfo >> SquadAI >> YourSquadAI
Object >> Actor >> Info >> ReplicationInfo >> TeamInfo >> YourTeamInfo

Gotta set this up. What fun is a game with no points?

Object >> Actor >> Info >> ScoreBoard >> YourScoreboard

TeamAI vs SquadAI? Difference? Hm.

Object >> Actor >> Info >> TeamAI >> YourTeamAI

Mapping crap! Ptooey!  :D

AHHHH! /me runs screaming..


Chazums: SquadAI deals with offense / defense / roaming within the TeamAI

Trystan: I was roaming through UClasses just checking stuff out trying to get a handle on everything and you know what? There's a lot of stuff there.  :D

Mychaeel: Indeed... I'm just digging my way through the details of UT2003's bot support architecture. In the process of investigating and understanding it myself, I try to document it...

Trystan: Yea, I use the developer pages as my impromptu documentation. It may aid someone else, it may not, but hey, I'm documenting my journey as a developer. As for bot support.. erh.. I'll get to that after I figure out custom pawns more thoroughly. :)