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Weapon.uc defaultproperties[edit]

Quite simply this is a commented section for defaultproperties from one of our weapon classes. I thought that some folks might find it handy. Not everything is filled in yet (heh) but eventually I'll update this when it all is accurate. There was a section related to our mod at the end but it has been removed. You might find an odd reference to it, if so, please let me know.

Object >> Actor >> Inventory >> Weapon >> CustomWeapon

If you have any corrections please let me know. Thanks.

This information has been integrated into the Weapon information page.

	// This class is called when primary fire is called.
    // This class is called when secondary fire is called.
	// Animation played when this weapon is selected, aka unholstered.
	// Animation played when this weapon is put away.
	// This allows you to play a sound -- like a powerup sound, etc.
	// Force feedback played when the weapon is selected.
	// ??
	// ??
	// ??
	// This sets the player FOV when they have this weapon.
	// Can be used for scopes, etc., but can also be used for cheats.
	// For weapon switching <Chazums>
	// Priorities are configurable by the user.  This sets the default priority, but can be overridden.
	// Inventory groups work like Half Life.  You select 7 twice and you'll
	// go to the second weapon in the inventory group.
	// What happens when you pick this weapon up?  PickupClass determines that.
    //moves the weapon model around screen <Chazums>
	// rotates the weapon model, not sure if about weapon or player tho <Chazums>
	// dampen the 'swing' of the weapon when moving <Chazums>
	// How does this attach to the pawn.
	// IconMaterial determines what is displayed on the screen in the weapon selection area.
	// IconCoords specify the location in the above texture of this particular texture.
	// Just what it says -- the name of the item.  Used in lots of places.
	// The type of light that firing this weapon creates.
	// This is completely separate from the mesh used to show muzzle flash.
	// ?? Find and investigate this.
	// How bright is the light created by weapon fire?
	// How far does light extend?
	// Hue of light produced.
	// Saturation of light produced.
	// Skeletal mesh is the actual mesh of the weapon.
	// EDIT:  Yes, indeed, I did -not- have the correct file on my system.
     // ??
    // Used by the AI to determin how to act with and against weapon <Chazums>
    bMeleeWeapon = False
	// Do not show charging bar.
    bShowChargingBar = False
	// Weapon cannot be thrown.  (Can be thrown include grenades, etc.)
    bCanThrow = False
	// Weapons are a static mesh.  DrawScale determines how big they are
	// compared to the original mesh.
    // Message given to the player when they have run out of ammunition.
    // Prefixed with WeaponName I imagine.
	MessageNoAmmo=" has no ammo"


Trystan: If someone knowledgeable can verify the accuracy of this information I'll happily throw it into the proper places in the rest of Wiki. :) I'm mostly concerned with the information around the light, hue, etc., and some of the animations. I'm fairly confident the rest is accurate.

Chazums: I have added a few new bits and stuck my name by em, more info on the playerview offset and playerviewpoivot are on my dev journal here

Mychaeel: Feel free to simply start a new page, Weapon, and format it along the lines of the other class pages (for instance TeamAI and GameObjective, two pages I recently set up). When you are not sure about something, just add a note along those lines to it.

Trystan: Thanks Chaz! And will do Mychaeel. All right you guys have gotten me to be confident I can't muck things up too bad so I'll start trying to fill in some of the blanks around here rather than padding my journal. :D :D

Balu: Nice work, Trystan. Looks like your journal is about to get my main infopoint ;-). May I suggest to make a note on top of pages that you included somewhere else in the wiki like "The info you can see here has been moved to Weapon, please go there."

Trystan: Thanks Balu, and good idea.