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==External Links==
==External Links==
* [http://www.planetunreal.com/lode/movers/movers.html Lode's All About Movers Tutorial]
Lode's All About Movers Tutorial (<nowiki>http://www.planetunreal.com/lode/movers/movers.html</nowiki>: Link invalid at Mar 2015)
==Related Topics ==
==Related Topics ==

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This page is meant to give a brief summary of the different mover classes, and for what purposes they can be used. See the individual class spec pages for specific details and the Mover Topics page for all pages on movers.

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The comment in the script seems to say this does what a normal mover's TriggerControl state does, the only difference being that when UnTriggered it waits the wait time instead of returning immediately.

Beware when using this; the regular Mover -> move time isn't used.


Allows Attaching Actors to a mover


Go to a specific key using an ElevatorTrigger.


GradualMover allows diff times between keys


Loop mover loops between its different locations. Each time it is triggered it advances to the next key frame and when reaching the last one it jumps back to the first one. It is very useful for simulating agitated water (with a sheet mover using a water texture, at different heights) or any other continuous movement (trigger it constantly with a timed trigger).

Set Object.InitialState to LoopMove to get it working.



This is at least one kind of mover that does not use keyframes. It is not meant to move, and I would imagine that if you gave it keyframes you would get some odd-looking results. Basically, the mover's rotation is updated on every Tick(). The mover's RotationRate property controls how it rotates on all axes.

External Links

Lode's All About Movers Tutorial (http://www.planetunreal.com/lode/movers/movers.html: Link invalid at Mar 2015)

Related Topics


SuperApe: Is this page talking about several UT Movers or the Mover class and it's InitialStates? If for UT200x, it should at least include ClientMover.

Xian: UT Movers.