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UT2003 :: Object >> WebApplication >> UTServerAdmin


Configurable Properties[edit]

array<string> QueryHandlerClasses 
string RootFrame 
string HeaderPage 
string MessagePage 
string RestartPage 
string DefaultBG 
string HighlightedBG 
string AdminRealm 
string FramedMessagePage 
string SkinPath 
string SiteCSSFile 
string CellLeft 
string CellCenter 
string CellRight 
string NowrapLeft 
string NowrapCenter 
string NowrapRight 
string CellColSpan 
string RowLeft 
string RowCenter 
string CheckboxInclude 
string TextboxInclude 
string SubmitButtonInclude 
string RadioButtonInclude 
string SelectInclude 

Non-Configurable Properties[edit]

class<UTServerAdminSpectator> SpectatorType 
array<xUtil.MutatorRecord> AllMutators 
array<xWebQueryHandler> QueryHandlers 
UTServerAdminSpectator Spectator 
xAdminUser CurAdmin 
PlayInfo GamePI 
WebResponse Resp 
StringArray AGameType 
StringArray AExcMutators 
StringArray AIncMutators 
StringArray Skins 
string htm 
struct HtmlChar 
string Plain 
string Coded 
array<HtmlChar> SpecialChars 


Initialization Methods[edit]

string SetGamePI(string GameType) 

Main Query Methods[edit]

PreQuery(WebRequest Request, WebResponse Response) 
Query(WebRequest Request, WebResponse Response) 
QueryRootFrame(WebRequest Request, WebResponse Response) 
QueryHeaderPage(WebRequest Request, WebResponse Response) 
QuerySubmitRestartPage(WebRequest Request, WebResponse Response) 
QueryRestartPage(WebRequest Request, WebResponse Response) 
ServerChangeMap(WebRequest Request, WebResponse Response, string MapName, string GameType) 
PostQuery(WebRequest Request, WebResponse Response) 

Query Tools[edit]

Useful functions which can be used to simplify your Query-related methods

string WebInclude(string file) 
bool ShowFrame(WebResponse Response, string Page) 
bool ShowPage(WebResponse Response, string Page) 
bool StatusReport(WebResponse Response, string ErrorMessage, string SuccessMessage) 
StatusError(WebResponse Response, string Message) 
StatusOk(WebResponse Response, string Message) 
ShowMessage(WebResponse Response, string Title, string Message) 
ShowFramedMessage(WebResponse Response, string Message, bool bIsErrorMsg) 
AccessDenied(WebResponse Response) 

String Handling[edit]

Various methods for dealing with strings; encoding to HTML

string PadLeft(String src, int width, optional string with) 
string PadRight(string src, int w, optional string with) 
string HtmlEncode(string src) 
string HtmlDecode(string src) 
string HyperLink(string url, string text, bool bEnabled, optional string target) 
string NextPriv(out string PrivString) 
bool HasURLOption(string ParamName, out string Value) 
bool CanPerform(string privs) 
EatStr(out string Dest, out string Source, int Num) 
ReplaceTag(string from, string tag, coerce string with) 

Maplist Handling[edit]

bool ValidDemoMap(string MapName) 
bool MapIsChanging() 
MapTitle(WebResponse Response) 
ApplyMapList(StringArray ExcludeMaps, StringArray IncludeMaps, string GameType, string MapListType) 
UpdateDefaultMaps(string GameType, StringArray Maps) 

List Generators[edit]

StringArray ReloadIncludeMaps(StringArray ExMaps, String GameType) 
StringArray ReloadExcludeMaps(String GameType) 
string GenerateGameTypeOptions(string CurrentGameType) 
string GenerateMapListOptions(string GameType, string MapListType) 
string GenerateMapListSelect(StringArray MapList, StringArray MovedMaps) 
string UsedMutators() 
CreateFullMutatorList(out StringArray Mutators, out StringArray GroupsOnly) 


operator(44) string += (out coerce string A, coerce string B) 
operator(44) string @= (out coerce string A, coerce string B)