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Version 2 Press Release[edit]


UnCodeX is powerful tool for developers using UnrealScript. It provides 
an easy way to browse and analyze the UnrealScript source. Additionally, 
UnCodeX can create detailed HTML documentation from the UnrealScript 
source, just like JavaDoc does for Java source code.

Version 2 of UnCodeX features support for all Unreal franchise games, 
other UnrealEngine based games are also supported. The documentation
generator has been improved quite some bit, allowing more detailed
information and layout freedom. 
Completely new in version 2 is a commandline version of the documentation 
generator, for both MS Windows and GNU\Linux (i386).

Additional information, output examples and downloads can be found on 
the Unreal Wiki page of UnCodeX:
The Unreal Wiki is the community equivalent of the official Unreal 
Developer Network (UDN). It covers editing, mapping and scripting for 
Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 and the Unreal Engine in general. The wiki
system grants everybody the right to contribute their knowledge and
The Unreal Wiki can be found on:

El Muerte: this needs some fixing. Where's the standard "unrealwiki propaganda" piece?

Mychaeel: Wiki Public Relations may have some text you can use.

El Muerte: well, that's about it I think

Genetik: Running press releases through a spellchecker might be a good idea. :) Fixed a couple words.

El Muerte: hmm... I'm pretty sure I ran it through a spellchecker. Ah well, better luck next time :)


Comment pre-processor[edit]

El Muerte: comment pre-processor has been reported to be broken, must look into this

Feature Requests[edit]

Inherited comments[edit]

Overwritten functions will inherit the comment of their super declration, if they don't have their own comment (either via source or external comment).


This will allow you to create macros to perform additional functionality, without writing a DLL via the current output module interface.

Find new classes[edit]

Add a search for new classes in existing packages. Add a new batch command for this, and including it with the "analyse modified classes on startup"

Java search engine for HTML output[edit]

Adding to the HTML output to include a search engine. This functionality will be included via a PascalScript

A Source Decompiler[edit]

It would be nice to have a nice decompiler to decompile packages. I myself have had a few run-ins with hard drive crashes and have lost source but could still aquire the packages of that lost source. It would be nice to decompile those packages so that you gain the source again. Also, it would be nice to sometimes look at other peoples code to see how they do things.

El Muerte: small chance I will ever implement that. You should always make backups of you work, or even better use a CVS on a remote host. Also, you usually should be able to extract your script from the package without decompiling it. Only when you stripped the source you would need a decompiler. Besides, there's already UTPT to decompile the script code, if it's really needed.

OlympusMons: Doesnt Ucc do this with the BatchExport command line option?

Brace and Block comment Folding (Hiding of functions and block comments)[edit]

OlympusMons I used this program a little while back called netbeans it was a pretty chucky java editing thinggy, it has a feature Id really liked to have for code editing. You could open and close the functions via a little + or - button on the side like the BU forums has, also doing it with block comments would be cool too. It would still display the first line of the function or block comment but everything else would be hidden. If uncodex would save which ones you have open or close that would be cool as well. Just an idea, tell me what you think!

OlympusMons: Ok the more I thought about it the less I think this would be handy a simple bookmarking feature would be nice.

El Muerte: code folding means I've to use a different control for the source code. Anyway, I can live without code folding in a read only editor.


Xhiris: I just found out you can put wiki markup in the comment tags for the class wikifier's use. Don't know if this is documented, but THANK YOU! :)

El Muerte TDS: it just uses the comments as is, so you can use HTML and it will be used in the HTML output or wiki markup and you can use it with the wikifier.

AlphaOne: Thanks for documenting all the source. I've added this page to my IE links (:o evial!)

WARP-10:You guys are pros but non-pros do get their hands on programs like this and there is one thing that would be helpful: I would like to suggest that on this site you list the default installation pathways for the packages for the currently supported UnrealEngine games such as:

C:\****\****\**** or whatever.

I am attempting to use v232 of UnCodeX. Under "Features" at

the first thing listed is "Automatically detects packages" when I do not see that UnCodeX does that. The user must navigate to the source of the package.

After an extensive search I don't them listed here and I examined 3 tutorials and a ton of other sites and still do not see a list of the default installation pathways for the packages.

If you want to browse sources you need to export or download them first anyway, so if you have the slightest clue about what you are doing (you should know where you installed your game, right?), you should also know where the sources are. —Wormbo 07:52, 29 October 2009 (UTC)

WARP-10: I did or do have the proper path and did export them all out of UnrealEd. There's 1,282 of them from Unreal Gold.

UnCodeX is not picking up on the presence of those .uc files. I can open them with Notepad or my HTML editor. Even Firefox will display the scripts properly.

Even when I right click on the file and select to open it with UnCodeX, UnCodeX opens but all panels are blank.

I'm using XP Pro if that matters any.

If you just exported the scripts, the source path to add in UnCodeX is the Unreal base directory. If you moved the exported scripts elsewhere, your source path is the directory that contains the Core, Engine, et.c subdirs. —Wormbo 11:41, 30 October 2009 (UTC)