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[[UnrealScript For Beginners Table of Contents]] [[UnrealScript For Beginners/Chapter 1 Chapter 1 - A Running Start]]

Who is This Book For?[edit]

As the title states, this book is meant for beginners who have little or no previous programming experience whatsoever. However, since UnrealScript is an object oriented (OOP) language, programmers who are familiar with procedure oriented languages (such as C, JavaScript, and PHP) may wish to skip ahead and read about OOP design and theory in the latter chapters of this book. The examples presented in this book are primarily designed for Unreal Tournament 2004, although many examples will work with other versions of the Unreal Engine.

What This Book is Not[edit]

This book is mainly an introduction to the concept and theory of programming with UnrealScript and therefore should not be used as a reference to the various classes within the Unreal Engine. Some topics, such as Native coding, are beyond the scope of this book and will not be covered.