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This page is part of the UnrealScript For Non-Programmers tutorial which is broken down into a series of pages. But even if your a seasoned proffessional programmer you may benefit from some insite as to how this wiki lays the information out to you.


You may have completed the UnrealScript For Non-Programmers Tutorial or you may be studying it now... or maybe you ended up here because you want to understand more of how the wiki is layed out. Either way I hope this helps, and I hope you will comeback and contribute to this page if you have more to offer on finding what you need from this great resource. I am confident that if you had no other resource other than this wiki for learning about the Unreal Engine(s), that you would do just fine. By the time you look at all the information here to prove me wrong, it will have grown and you will have to start all over, but by the time you've seen it all, you won't need to. So, learn how to get the most out of it, cause you don't need to go anywhere else.

What you won't find on this page...[edit] information on editing or contributing to this wiki. This page is intended to help you learn how find your way around and take advantage of this resource. You may have been looking for New Contributors Quick Start.


Most of the tips in this section are also covered on a page named similar to this page, Using The Wiki, and more information is there as well. Where this page differs from that one is that this one will eventually be more tutorial toned and address more specifically how to use this wiki when your very new to modding UT.

<– Look to your left! The 'quickbar' is in sections and each section has links to some great starting points around that topic. You'll notice that "Mapping Topics" is layed out very similar to "Modeling Topics" so if you take a quick look at any of the "...Topic" links you have an idea of what they all offer in their respective aspects of the Unreal Engine.

Related Topics like the section you see at the bottom of this page are on most of the pages here at the wiki. Most of the time you will find great further reading on the subject of that page. If you know of a page here that should be listed in that section of the page you are reading, well, it's a wiki, do everyone a favor and add that link.

Category Pages such as Category:Legacy Tutorial and Category:Legacy Journal are nice way to find a mass of page links. You won't find as specific links to what your looking for that way, but you'll find a whole heap of em! If you want to browse the Category Tutorial page just go to any of the links on your left that have "Lessons" in the link and you'll see some tutorials, open any of them and a link to Category Tutorial will be at the bottom of the page. Likewise, if your reading someone's journal and want to browse other journals, look for the Category Journal link at the bottom of that page. But are there very many categories? HA! Just have a look at Category Category! (the "Topic Categories" link on the 'quickbar' to your left is also a link to the Category Category page.)

Search The Wiki I'm sure you've notice the search boxes on every page. And, I'm sure you've seen site search boxes on other sites. But here at the wiki, all the information contained here is live and growing. Nothing is archived and keywords in the search boxes are a really good way to find information related to your needs.

You won't always use this wiki in the same way.[edit]

Once you have gone through the tutorials here on the wiki you will be far along enough to get started trying some projects of your own. At that point you will be comming here in search of more specific data. Depending on what stage of your project you are in when you come here for help, you will find yourself approaching the wiki from different angles. Let's say you come here under one of the following circumstances.

You want more information on a specific class and you know the name of the class. 
There are Class pages here for most classes, in all Unreal Engines(more to come)
You know the name of the class and where it is in the hierarchy. 
Go to Class Tree and scroll down to the section named after the engine you are coding for. There will be a link to a page where you can find your class page in the tree.
Or, if you don't know the name of the class. 
(more to come)
You have questions about the structure of UnrealScript. 
You probably want to start off by going to UnrealScript Topics where there is a whole section of links to topics on syntax.

(more to come)

Functions, Events, States, etc.[edit]
You know the name of the function 
You would probably do best to start by entering the name in the search box.
You don't know the name of the event. 
(more to come)

(more to come)

(more to come)


Related Topics[edit]


CH3Z: Everyone can think of at leaste one "Tip" to add to this. Please, DO! Eventually this page will end up in more of a tutorial format. Feel free to help it get there. The Related Topics section needs links to pages more related to using the wiki. I just populated the section to use it as a bad example. mission accomplished!

This tut is going nowhere. I (the author) will not be contributing to it anymore, and it needs much much more. No one else is contributing to it, so it's a waste of space and an eye-sore.[DeleteME]