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The Unreal Engine is the core software at the heart of UT, UT2003 and other games.

It has a two-tier structure:

  1. the C++ code, which in Unreal we call the "native" stuff. This handles all the low-level stuff and platform-specific things. It runs a Wikipedia:virtual machine similar to the Wikipedia:Java virtual machine, on which runs...
  2. the UnrealScript stuff. This is an object-oriented language that looks similar to Java or Javascript.

Most work with the engine is done in UnrealScript.





Object Physics[edit]

Suggested Overview Topics[edit]

  • Kinematics
  • Classical Dynamics Theory for Rigid Bodies
  • Interpolation
  • Particle Animation
  • Algorithms


Bob_The_Beheader: Maybe link to an external site (like, from a university) on advanced physics for these topics??? ...except particle animation... but this is definately not what I learned in high school... :)

SuperApe: This page needs updating pretty badly. Many of the Overview pages are available now.