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This page is a guide to help mappers place vehicles well in the map layout.

Assault Vehicles (ASVehicle)[edit]

These vehicles were introduced in UT2004 for the Assault gametype.


These are stationary gun turrets. With the exception of the ASTurret_MiniGun, they are automatically controlled to fire at enemy team members.


These are flying vehicles that do not depend on gravity. They are meant to be launched with the driver, as they have a minimum velocity setting.

Onslaught Vehicles (ONSVehicle)[edit]

These vehicles were introduced in UT2004 for the Onslaught gametype.


These are vehicle mounted weapons. With the exception of the Energy Turret, they are not placed in maps separately.

ONSManualGunPawn "Energy Turret"[edit]

This is a stationary turret with twin laser cannons. The gunner can zoom into targets for better accuracy.

  • More effective : Long range, as defense in conjunction with other defenses
  • Less effective : Out in the open
  • Pwns : Infantry, slow moving vehicles, air vehicles.
  • Bane : Highly maneuverable vehicles, air strikes.


This is an aircraft that flies like a helicopter, capable of vertical flight and hovering.

ONSAttackCraft "Raptor"[edit]

The Raptor carries twin blaster cannon mounted on the front and a flying vehicle homing rocket launcher. The Raptor can also get to those hard-to-reach bonus items! If mapping for onslaught, a Raptor in base can be an invaluable way to come back from a tank assault.

  • More effective : Against manta, goliath, other raptors
  • Less effective : In the wide open
  • Pwns : Goliaths, Mantas
  • Bane : AVRiL, long-range instant fire weapons

ONSDualAttackCraft "Cicada" (Editor's Choice Bonus Pack)[edit]

The Cicada carries a missile battery with two fire modes. This vehicle carries one gunner passenger along with the driver. The cicada is a heavy, two-person helicopter-style aircraft. It's chaotic to handle but can deliver a convincing attack if given time to load its missile batteries, It also has a large damage capacity and sustain a shell for a goliath. If a solitary pilot changes seats it stops in mid-air and becomes an effective airborne turret. The turret's secondary fire fires a flare that draws AVRiL rockets away for the vehicle (the raptor's homing rockets work on a engine signature tracker rather than heat-seeking system and therefore the flares will not work against them)

  • More effective : With some cover or element of suprise
  • Less effective : In open areas
  • Pwns : Stantionary targets
  • Bane : Raptors, Paladins


This vehicle floats above the ground and is capable of hovering on both land and over water/lava/slime volumes.

ONSHoverBike "Manta"[edit]

This is a small hovercraft with boost jump capability and twin blaster cannons mounted on the front. The Manta, though weak, is an excellent multipurpose tool in onslaught. It's good for thinning out infantry by running them over, and it's great for pursuing other vehicles. Although not designed to be a troop carrier, players be carried as they stand on the props.

  • More effective : Somewhere it can swoop in and get out of sight again quickly
  • Less effective : When highly visible or in a corridor
  • Pwns : Infantry, less maneuverable vehicles
  • Bane : AVRiL or Scorpion's web launcher, which destroys it in a single hit (if charged more than half), Hellbender


This is a vehicle that uses treads for mobility. It is capable of rotating in place.

ONSHoverTank "Goliath"[edit]

This is a tank with a heavy cannon main turret and a small machine gun turret on top. This vehicle carries one gunner passenger along with the driver. The main cannon has be zoomed in for better accuracy. The main disadvantage of the Goliath is its speed and more importantly the main cannon's turning speed. The driver recieves no damage while in the vehicle. It is effective against all of the wheeled vehicles and in a tunnel it's pretty much invincible. It has a blind spot above and just behind it, where a raptor or even a skillful player can position themselves and patiently destroy the tank.

  • More effective : Choke points (tendancy to camp though) where there is only one direction of attack (cannon turning speed)
  • Less effective : Open areas with flying vehicles or mantas and where attacks can come from above.
  • Pwns : Scorpion, Hellbender
  • Bane : Raptor, Manta

ONSHoverTank_IonPlasma "Ion Plasma Tank"[edit]

This is a tank with an ion plasma cannon main turret and a (?) turret on top. This vehicle carries one gunner passenger along with the driver. The main disadvantage is it's slow speed. The ion plasma weapon fire charges up and causes massive blast radius damage, similar to the Levianthan alternate fire mode, with the refire rate just as slow. It is otherwise similar to the Goliath in terms of mobility and effectiveness.

  • More effective : Choke points where there is only one direction of attack (cannon turning speed and slow re-fire rate)
  • Less effective : Open areas with flying vehicles or mantas and where attacks can come from above.
  • Pwns : Scorpion, Hellbender
  • Bane : Raptor, Manta


This is a vehicle with wheels for mobility. These vehicles are generally faster than tread vehicles, but have a limited turning radius.

ONSPRV "Hellbender"[edit]

This is a modified truck with a rear turret in the back and a small turret in the passenger seat. This vehicle holds two gunner passengers along with the driver. The rear turret causes chaos at long range when fired accurately as it has the effect of 'pushing' vehicles. The EMP cannon causes fatality for all short range infantry due to the large splash damage when triggered. The main weakness is its high driver/passenger damage. If you take a direct hit from a Goliath you're almost certain to be killed – even if the jeep isn't destroyed – due to the large splash damage from the shell. The safest position is manning the EMP turret then driver then rear turret being the worst affected. Unfortunately, this means that all vehicles except the manta and scorpion can injure the occupants if the right moment and place is chosen.

  • More effective : Choke points (tendency to camp though) and areas where there will be players on foot.
  • Less effective : Open areas when flying vehicles or larger wheeled vehicles are nearby
  • Pwns : Vehicles at long range, infantry at medium
  • Bane : Goliath, flying vehicles

ONSRV "Scorpion"[edit]

This is a car with an open top and a roll cage with a web gun turret on the top. While fast and maneuverable, the Scorpion does lack sufficient armor against large attacks. The Scorpion's web gun will home in on Manta's and is powerful enough to destroy one with one shot.

  • More effective : Medium range, stationary targets
  • Less likely of success: In open direct assault
  • Pwns : Infantry, Mantas
  • Bane : Goliath, flying vehicles

ONSMobileAssaultStation "Leviathan"[edit]

This is a huge wheeled vehicle meant for heavy assault. It carries a twin plasma main turret and four twin pulse turrets. The entire vehicle can transform into a stationary Ion Plasma cannon turret, capable of inflicting great damage at long range and with a large blast radius. This vehicle carries four gunner passengers along with the driver. The main advantages of the leviathan are its awesome firepower, including homing plasma fire, defensive pulse cannons, and Ion cannon in its 'deployed' state. The main disadvantages of the Leviathan are its very slow speed and poor maneuverability.

  • More effective : Open areas
  • Less effective : Long distance assaults
  • Pwns : Everything
  • Bane : Highly maneuverable vehicles

ONSArtillery "SPMA" (Editor's Choice Bonus Pack)[edit]

This is a wheeled truck with a large artillery cannon in the back. The driver can either drive or fire the artillery cannon, using a remote viewing pod. Once a hovering SPMA camera pod is fired and set, the driver can aim the artillery cannon. The camera pod is vulnerable to any weapon and has no armor but good visiblity is essential for defence of the vehicle itself and for effective assault. The SPMA also has a shock turret for a passenger (identical to the Hellbender's) for close defence, though this rarely gets used. The SPMA is the fastest vehicle that doesn't fly or hover (and it may be faster than a Cicada, but this is untested).

  • More effective : Behind large cover and near chokepoints (when timed effectivly).
  • Less likely of success: In the open, at close range
  • Pwns: Stationary targets
  • Bane: Any vehicles nearby or in the sky

ONSShockTank "Paladin" (Editor's Choice Bonus Pack)[edit]

This is a slow moving multi-axle vehicle with a large pulse cannon turret and a shield generator mounted on the front. Holding down alt-fire and pressing the primary fire creates a large electromagnetic pulse within the shield's range.

  • More effective : During direct assault
  • Less effective : Long range assault
  • Pwns : Stationary targets and anything close range
  • Bane : More maneuverable vehicles

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