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UT2004 :: Actor >> Pawn >> Vehicle

This abstract base class contains gameplay and AI code for Vehicles in UT2004. Although there was a separate vehicle class in UT2003 (Pawn -> KVehicle -> KCar -> Bulldog), it was only used in the test map, "VehicleDemo", and was not available in game.



Overlay materials used when spawning
bool bFPNoZFromCameraPitch 
Ignore any vehicle-space Z due to FPCamViewOffset (so looking up and down doesn't change camera Z rel to vehicle)
array<sound> BulletSounds 
float HUDOverlayFOV 
vector HUDOverlayOffset 
byte Team 
The team the vehicle belongs to


bool bDrawDriverInTP 
Whether to draw the driver when in 3rd person mode.
bool bDrawMeshInFP 
Whether to draw the vehicle mesh when in 1st person mode.
bool bRelativeExitPos 
relative vector to vehicle?
name DriveAnim 
Animation to play while driving.
vector DrivePos 
Position (rel to vehicle) to put player while driving.
rotator DriveRot 
Rotation (rel to vehicle) to put driver while driving.
vector EntryPosition 
Offset for the entry trigger
float EntryRadius 
Radius for the entry trigger
array<vector> ExitPositions 
Positions (rel to vehicle) to try putting the player when exiting.
vector FPCamPos 
Position of camera when driving first person.
vector FPCamViewOffset 
Offset in reference frame of camera.
int MaxViewPitch 
Maximum amount you can look up and down
int MaxViewYaw 
Maximum amount you can look left and right
float Rise 
between -1 and 1
float Steering 
between -1 and 1
float Throttle 
between -1 and 1
Range TPCamDistRange 
vector TPCamLookat 
Look at location in vehicle space
vector TPCamWorldOffset 
Applied in world space after vehicle transform.


Spawning effects
float AIMoveCheckTime 
class<Controller> AutoTurretControllerClass 
bool bAdjustDriversHead 
rotate driver's head depending on view rotation
bool bAllowViewChange 
bool bAutoTurret 
controlled by AI if no player controlling (FIXME Move to subclass)
bool bCanCarryFlag 
bool bCanFlip 
bool bDefensive 
should be used by defenders
bool bDesiredBehindView 
bool bDrawVehicleShadow 
Vehicle Shadow
bool bDriverHoldsFlag 
bool bDriving 
Vehicle is being driven
bool bDropDetail 
Vehicle should reduce its detail level
bool bEnemyLockedOn 
bool bEnterringUnlocks 
Vehicle is unlocked when a player enterred it..
bool bFollowLookDir 
used by AI to know that controller's rotation determines vehicle rotation
bool bHasHandbrake 
hint for AI
bool bHasRadar 
bool bIsGreyScale 
bool bKeyVehicle 
hint for AI
bool bNoFriendlyFire 
FriendlyFire disabled for this vehicle
bool bNonHumanControl 
Cannot be controlled by humans
bool bOldDriving 
bool bRemoteControlled 
destroying vehicle won't kill player
bool bScriptedRise 
hint for AI
bool bSeparateTurretFocus 
hint for AI (for tank type turreted vehicles)
bool bShowChargingBar 
bool bShowDamageOverlay 
Vehicle should display the normal pawn damage overlay when hit by a weapon
bool bSpawnProtected 
Cannot be destroyed by a player before its been possessed.
bool bStalled 
Vehicle is stalled (can't apply acceleration)
bool bTeamLocked 
Team defines which players are allowed to enter the vehicle
bool bTurnInPlace 
whether vehicle can turn in place
bool bVehicleDestroyed 
Vehicle has been destroyed (no more need to simulate special vehicle physics)
bool bVehicleShadows 
Global config option for vehicle shadows
bool bWeaponisAltFiring 
bool bWeaponisFiring 
float CameraSpeed 
for smoothly interpolating TPCamDistance to new value
string CenterSpringForce 
int CenterSpringRangePitch 
int CenterSpringRangeRoll 
class<DamageType> CrushedDamageType 
float DesiredTPCamDistance 
for smoothly interpolating TPCamDistance to new value
Pawn Driver 
Can be None if Controller spawns right away with vehicle
float DriverDamageMult 
damage to the driver is multiplied by this value
int DriverViewPitch 
The driver's view pitch
int DriverViewYaw 
The driver's view yaw
float EjectMomentum 
name FlagBone 
vector FlagOffset 
rotator FlagRotation 
array<sound> HornSounds 
Actor HUDOverlay 
HudOverlay actor used
class<Actor> HUDOverlayClass 
HudOverlay class to use when driving this vehicle
float LastCameraCalcTime 
for smoothly interpolating TPCamDistance to new value
float LastHornTime 
float LastLockWarningTime 
String LockOnClassString 
float MaxDesireability 
float MinRunOverSpeed 
Speed must be greater than this for running into someone to do damage
float MomentumMult 
Affects how foreign objects impact the vehicle (When a shock rifle beam hits a Raptor, it gets pushed back more than a Goliath would). Lower means that the vehicle is less affected (.01 means a practically impervious fortress, 1 means gets shot around a lot, etc.)
AIMarker myMarker 
Used for stationary turrets. (for bots)
Vehicle NextVehicle 
Link list
Texture NoEntryTexture 
float OldSteering 
byte OldTeam 
OldTeam is used for replication purposes, PrevTeam is the team of the previous driver.
SVehicleFactory ParentFactory 
The VehicleFactory that spawned this vehicle
Rotator PlayerEnterredRotation 
Original rotation when player enterred vehicle
float PlayerStartTime 
byte PrevTeam 
OldTeam is used for replication purposes, PrevTeam is the team of the previous driver.
class<DamageType> RanOverDamageType 
sound RanOverSound 
float ShadowCullDistance 
float ShadowMaxTraceDist 
float SizeX 
float SizeY 
name StolenAnnouncement 
sound StolenSound 
Sound heard when this vehicle is carjacked (team switched)
byte StuckCount 
Used by AI
float StuckTime 
Material TeamBeaconBorderMaterial 
Texture TeamBeaconTexture 
float TeamUseTime 
float ThrottleTime 
Last time at which throttle was 0 (used by AI)
float TPCamDistance 
string VehicleDescription 
SVehicleIcon VehicleIcon 
float VehicleLostTime 
float VehicleMovingTime 
Used by AI C++
string VehicleNameString 
The friendly name of the vehicle (i.e., "Goliath")
string VehiclePositionString 
The HUD message string used to describe the driver's current position (i.e., "in a Goliath").
ShadowProjector VehicleShadow 
Shadow projector
float WheelsScale 
float X 
float Y 





Known Subclasses[edit]

  +- ASVehicle
  |   +- ASTurret
  |   |   +- ASTurret_BallTurret
  |   |   +- ASTurret_IonCannon
  |   |   +- ASTurret_LinkTurret
  |   |   +- ASTurret_Minigun
  |   |   +- ASVehicle_Sentinel
  |   |       +- ASVehicle_Sentinel_Ceiling
  |   |       +- ASVehicle_Sentinel_Floor
  |   +- ASVehicle_SpaceFighter
  |       +- ASVehicle_SpaceFighter_Human
  |           +- ASVehicle_SpaceFighter_Skaarj
  +- KVehicle
  |   +- KCar
  |       +- Bulldog
  +- ONSWeaponPawn
  |   +- ONSArtillerySideGunPawn
  |   +- ONSDualACGatlingGunPawn
  |   +- ONSMASSideGunPawn
  |   +- ONSPRVRearGunPawn
  |   +- ONSPRVSideGunPawn
  |   +- ONSStationaryWeaponPawn
  |       +- ONSManualGunPawn
  |   +- ONSTankSecondaryTurretPawn
  |       +- ONSTankSecondaryTurretPawn_IonPlasma
  +- SVehicle
      +- ONSVehicle
          +- ONSChopperCraft
          |   +- ONSAttackCraft
          |       +- ONSDualAttackCraft (Bonus Pack)
          +- ONSHoverCraft
          |   +- ONSHoverBike
          +- ONSPlaneCraft
          |   +- ONSBomber
          +- ONSTreadCraft
          |   +- ONSHoverTank
          |       +- ONSHoverTank_IonPlasma
          +- ONSWheeledCraft
              +- ONSArtillery (Bonus Pack)
              +- ONSGenericSD
              +- ONSMobileAssaultStation
              +- ONSPRV
              +- ONSRV
              +- ONSShockTank (Bonus Pack)

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