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UT2004 :: Actor >> SVehicleFactory (Package: Engine)

An SVehicle spawner class, described simply as the spawner location in its class description.



class<Vehicle> VehicleClass 
The subclass of Vehicle to spawn.
int MaxVehicleCount 
The number of vehicles this spawner supports.


int VehicleCount 
The current number of vehicles in spawned.
NavigationPoint MyMarker 
The navigation point to enter any vehicles spawned. This NavigationPoint is set to sit directly below the spawner automatically by UnrealEd. You may not edit this navigation point, or even proscribe/force paths to or from it. The editor will simply create a new one next rebuild, removing the old one.

Known Subclasses[edit]

Note: In UT2003, KVehicleFactory is a subclass of Actor, not SVehicle. See also KVehicleFactory (UT2003).

 +- ASVehicleFactory
 |    +- ASVehicleFactory_IonCannon
 |    +- ASVehicleFactory_MinigunTurret
 |    +- ASVehicleFactory_SentinelCeiling
 |    +- ASVehicleFactory_SentinelFloor
 |    +- ASVehicleFactory_Turret
 |         +- ASVehicleFactory_LinkTurret
 +- KVehicleFactory
 |    +- BulldogFactory
 +- ONSVehicleFactory
      +- ONSArtilleryFactory (ECE Bonus Pack)
      +- ONSAttackCraftFactory
      +- ONSBomberFactory
      +- ONSDualAttackCraftFactory (ECE Bonus Pack)
      +- ONSHoverCraftFactory
      +- ONSMASFactory
      +- ONSPRVFactory
      +- ONSRVFactory
      +- ONSShockTankFactory
      +- ONSTankFactory

Custom Subclasses[edit]