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UT2004 >> Actor >> SVehicleFactory >> ASVehicleFactory (Package: UT2K4Assualt)

ASVehicleFactory is a class that spawns vehicles for Assault (UT2004) maps. The factory respawns a vehicle when the vehicle is destroyed or when the round resets. The factory can be set to a trigger to enable/disable spawing of the vehicle. An ASVehicleFactory can only spawn one instance of a vehicle.



bool bEnabled 
If true, factory will spawn vehicles.
bool bVehicleTeamLock 
If true, members of the opposing team can't use this vehilce.
bool bEnter_TeamUnlocks 
If true, the vehicle unlocks to opposing team after if is entered.
bool bHudTrackVehicle 
If true, the vehicle will be tracked on the HUD. Useful for tracking objectives.
bool bRespawnWhenDestroyed 
If true, when the vehicle is destroyed, a new one is spawned.
bool bSpawnProtected 
If true, the vehicle is protected when is spawns.
bool bHighScoreKill 
If true, the vehicle will award 5 points to the killer.
bool bKeyVehilce 
Used by bots. If true, the bots will know to hunt down this vehicle.
bool bSpawnBuildEffect 
If true, the spawn effects will appear around vehicle when it spawns.
byte VehicleTeam 
The team the vehicle will belong to.


bool BACKUP_bEnabled 
The initial value of bEnabled is held here.
bool bSoundsPrecached 
bool bResetting 
Set to true when teams are switching sides (i.e. Attackers become Defenders).


An enumaration holding the different types of events to process when Trigger() is called.
  • EAVSF_ToggleEnabled
  • EAVSF_TriggeredSpawn
  • EAVSF_SpawnProgress


name VehicleTag 
Tag to use with Triggers
name VehicleEvent 
Event to set on vehicle (triggered when vehicle is destroyed)
name NextFactoryTag 
Next Factory to enable with Spawn Progress
name VehiclePossessedEvent 
Event thrown when vehicle is possesed.
String VehicleClassStr 
The name of the class in String form.
float RespawnDelay 
The amount of time before respawning the vehicle.
int VehicleHealth 
The initial health of the vehicle. Set this to 0 for default.
float VehicleDriverDamageMult 
The damage multiplier applied to people in the vehicle.
float vehicleDamageMomentumScale 
The damage multiplier applied to the vehicle from crashing.
float vehicleLinkHealMult 
The multiplier applied to the LinkGun healing alt-fire.
Sound Announcement_Destroyed 
Sound file played when when vehicle is destroyed.
byte VehicleAmbientGlow 
float AIVisibilityDist 
Bots need to be within this distance to see the vehicle.


Vehicle Child 
A reference to the vehicle spawned.
float SpawnDelay 
Spawn delay to avoid spawning vehicles during resetting.
ASVehicleFactory NextFactory 
The next ASVehicleFactory in the chain.
int MaxSpawnBlockCount 
The maximum number of times the vehicle can be blocked when it tries to spawn.
int BlockCount 
The number of times the vehicle has been blocked when trying to spawn.
Emitter BuildEffect 
The build effect to display when vehicle is spawning.
class<Emitter> BuildEffectClass 
DestroyVehicleObjective MyDestroyVehicleObjective


simulated functionPostBeginPlay() 
simulated function UpdatePrecacheMaterials() 
simualated function UpdatePrecacheStaticMeshes() 
function bool SelfTriggered() 
Returns true.
event Trigger( Actor Other, Pawn EventInstigator ) 
function SetEnabled( bool bNewEnabled ) 
Sets bEnabled to bNewEnabled and attempts to spawn a new vehicle.
function ShutDown() 
Sets bEnabled to false and destroys the Child vehicle.
function SpawnVehicle() 
Attempts to spawn a vehicle in the game.
function SpawnBuildEffect() 
function VehicleSpawned() 
Sets the properties of the newly spawned vehicle.
function byte SetVehicleTeam() 
Sets the team number of the vehicle.
function Reset() 
Called when round is over. Forces destruction of vehicles in play.
function Timer() 
Attempts to spawn a vehicle.
event VehiclePossessed( Vehicle V ) 
Triggers VehiclePossessedEvent.
event VehicleDestroyed( Vehicle V ) 
Event called when vehicle is destroyed. Attempts to spawn a new vehicle.
simulated function PrecacheAnnouncer(AnnouncerVoice V, bool bRewardSounds) 

Default Properties[edit]


Known Subclasses[edit]

 +- ASVehicleFactory_IonCannon
 +- ASVehicleFactory_MinigunTurret
 +- ASVehicleFactory_SentinelCeiling
 +- ASVehicleFactory_SentinelFloor
 +- ASVehicleFactory_Turret
     +- ASVehicleFactory_LinkTurret