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UT2003 :: Actor >> HUD (Package: Engine)

The base class of all HUD (Heads Up Display) classes.

Also see HUD (UT).


GlobalConfig Properties[edit]

bool bHideHUD 
bool bMessageBeep 
bool bShowWeaponInfo 
bool bShowPersonalInfo 
bool bShowPoints 
bool bShowWeaponBar 
bool bCrosshairShow 
bool bShowPortrait 
float HudScale 
Global Scale for all widgets
float HudOpacity 
make everything transparent
float HudCanvasScale 
Specifies amount of screen-space to use (for TV's).
int CrosshairStyle 
float CrosshairScale 
float CrosshairOpacity 
color CrossHairColor 
int ConsoleMessageCount 
int ConsoleFontSize 
int MessageFontOffset 
bool bNoEnemyNames 

Other Properties[edit]

PlayerController PlayerOwner 
Pawn PawnOwner 
PlayerReplicationInfo PawnOwnerPRI 
Console PlayerConsole 
ScoreBoard ScoreBoard 
ScoreBoard LocalStatsScreen 
Actor VoteMenu 
hook for mod authors
color WhiteColor, RedColor, GreenColor, CyanColor, BlueColor, GoldColor, PurpleColor, TurqColor, GrayColor 
bool bShowVoteMenu 
bool bShowScoreBoard 
Display current score-board instead of Hud elements
bool bShowDebugInfo 
if true, show properties of current ViewTarget
bool bShowBadConnectionAlert 
Display indication of bad connection
bool bBuiltMOTD 
Set to true when the MOTD has been set
bool bShowLocalStats 
Color ConsoleColor 
string ProgressFontName (localized) 
Font ProgressFontFont 
string OverrideConsoleFontName (localized) 
Font OverrideConsoleFont 
float ProgressFadeTime 
Color MOTDColor 
float ResScaleX, ResScaleY (transient) 
The current screen resolution divided by 640 by 480. It is updated at the beginning of the hud's PostRender from Canvas.SizeX and Canvas.SizeY.
ConsoleMessage TextMessages[8] 
float ConsoleMessagePosX, ConsoleMessagePosY 
string FontArrayNames[9] (localized) 
Font FontArrayFonts[9] 
int FontScreenWidthMedium[9] 
int FontScreenWidthSmall[9] 
string MOTD[4] 
Holds the expanded MOTD Lines
int MOTDState 



string Text 
color TextColor 
float MessageLife 
PlayerReplicationInfo PRI 


Inherited From Actor[edit]

PostBeginPlay ( ) 
Destroyed ( ) 
Reset ( ) 

Native Functions[edit]

Draw3DLine (vector Start, vector End, color LineColor) (final) 
Draws a line in world space. Should be used when engine calls RenderWorldOverlays() event.

Empty Functions[edit]

CreateKeyMenus ( ) 
CheckCountdown (GameReplicationInfo GRI) 
GetLocalStatsScreen ( ) 
DrawInstructionGfx (Canvas C) 
SetInstructionText (string text) 
SetInstructionKeyText (string text) 
DrawHud (Canvas C) 
DrawSpectatingHud (Canvas C) 
bool DrawLevelAction (Canvas C) 
DisplayBadConnectionAlert (Canvas C) 
Warn user about connection problems.
LocalizedMessage (class<LocalMessage> Message, optional int Switch, optional PlayerReplicationInfo RelatedPRI_1, optional PlayerReplicationInfo RelatedPRI_2, optional Object OptionalObject, optional string CriticalString) 
DisplayPortrait (PlayerReplicationInfo PRI) 
SetTargeting (bool bShow, optional vector TargetLocation, optional float Size) 
DrawCrosshair (Canvas C) 
Should draw the crosshair.
SetCropping (bool Active) 
DrawTargeting (Canvas C) 

Exec Functions[edit]

ShowScores ( ) 
Toggles the scoreboard on/off.
ShowStats ( ) 
Toggles local stats on/off.
NextStats ( ) 
ShowDebug ( ) 
Toggles debug information on/off.
ShowHud ( ) 
Toggles the HUD on/off.
GrowHUD ( ) 
Makes the HUD larger.
ShrinkHUD ( ) 
Makes the HUD smaller.

Static Functions[edit]

Font LoadFontStatic (int i) 
Font GetConsoleFont (Canvas C) 
Font GetMediumFontFor (Canvas Canvas) 
Font LargerFontThan (Font aFont) 

Other Functions[edit]

PostRender (Canvas Canvas) 
Called after rendering world geometry. This is the place where the HUD is actually drawn. Note: DrawHud will only be called if the player is no spectator and has a pawn, otherwise DrawSpectatingHud is called instead. So if you want to draw your hud without your player having a pawn (for example for a RTS type of view), you have to overwrite this function.

Known Subclasses[edit]

 +- CinematicHud
 +- HudBase
     +- HudBDeathMatch
         +- HudBTeamDeathMatch
             +- HudBBombingRun
             +- HudBCaptureTheFlag
             +- HudBDoubleDomination
     +- HudCDeathMatch (UT2004 only)
         +- HudBTeamDeathMatch
             +- HudCBombingRun
             +- HudCCaptureTheFlag
             +- HudCDoubleDomination
             +- HudInvasion
             +- Hud_Assault
             +- ONSHUDOnslaught

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