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UT2003 :: Actor >> Info >> ScoreBoard (Package: Engine)

This is the sort of scoreboard that appears when pressing F1. It shows game related information to the user from GameReplicationInfo and PlayerReplicationInfo.

For information on adding a DM-Morpheus-type scrolling scoreboard within a map, see ScrollingMessageTexture, and Screen for more advanced versions.

For now, see Mod Authoring/Adding A Scoreboard (it's a circle reference, I know).


bool bDisplayMessages 
While created it is not used in the class. Used in subclasses.
GameReplicationInfo GRI 
Reference to this game's GameReplicationInfo.
class<HUD> HUDClass 
The HUD class this score board is used with.


Inherited From Actor[edit]

PostBeginPlay ( ) 
Initializes the ScoreBoard actor by calling Init() and InitGRI().

New Methods[edit]

DrawScoreboard (Canvas C) 
Calls UpdateGRI and UpdateScoreBoard.
string FormatTime (int Seconds) 
Returns a string based on the number of seconds in the format: HH:MM:SS.
Font GetSmallerFontFor (Canvas Canvas, int offset) 
Returns a smaller font. Searchs through the HUDClass's array of FontScreenWidthMedium and when it finds one smaller or equal to the Canvas's ClipX (Bottom right clipping region) then it returns that font. Otherwise it returns the last font in the FontScreenWidthMedium array.
Font GetSmallFontFor (int ScreenWidth, int offset) 
Returns a smaller font. Searchs throught the HUDClass's array of FontScreenWidthSmall and when it finds one smaller or equal to the ScreenWidth then it returns the font at the element plus the offset.
bool HaveHalfFont (Canvas Canvas, int Offset) 
Returns true if a font exists that is half the font specified by the offset. False if there is no half font.
Init ( ) 
No Code.
InitGRI ( ) 
Initializes the GRI variable with this game's GameReplicationInfo.
string InitTitle ( ) 
Returns a capitialized string of the GameName as stored in GRI.
bool InOrder (PlayerReplicationInfo P1, PlayerReplicationInfo P2) 
Determines whether they are in order based off whether they are spectators and then based on score. In the event that the scores are tied the one with the least number of deaths.
NextStats ( ) 
No Code.
SortPRIArray ( ) 
Sorts the PlayerReplicationInfo stored in the GRI based on the criteria in Inorder method (first scores, then deaths).
bool UpdateGRI ( ) 
Reloads the GameReplicationInfo by calling InitGRI and then SortPRIArray
UpdateScoreBoard (Canvas Canvas) 
No Code.

Known subclasses[edit]