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Actor >> Info (UT) >> ClientScriptedTexture >> ScrollingMessageTexture

ScrollingMessageTexture can be used to display a scolling banner in a map that shows the currently leading player and his/her current frag count. Look at DM-Morpheus for an example.


Set this to True to automatically convert the message to caps before it is rendered. Useful for fonts that don't have lower-case letters.
Set this to True to reset the horizontal position of the message whenever it changes (because the leading player changes, for instance).
Font used for the scrolling message. "Font'Scripted.CondemnedFont'" is used in Morpheus, but that texture doesn't show in the browser.... weird.
Color of the scrolling message. Note that although you can select any color there, the ScrollingMessageTexture can just use the closest approximation of that color that is actually present in the ScriptedTexture (UT)'s palette.
Scrolling speed in pixels per second.
Text template that is displayed on the texture. The following Message Placeholder are substituted in real-time:
| Placeholder | Description |
|^ %p | Local player name
|^ %h | Either "his" or "her," depending on the gender of the local player's model
|^ %lp | Leading player name
|^ %lf | Current score of the leading player
Width of the text in pixels. When the banner has scrolled so far, it is wrapped and scrolls in again. (Why this property is necessary and the ScrollingMessageTexture doesn't just determine the text width automatically is unknown.)
Vertical offset of the scrolling message from the upper edge of the ScriptedTexture.

How To Use[edit]

Insert tutorial here.

Forum snip from :

Place a ScrollingMessageTexture actor in the map.

Set the ClientScriptedTexture -> ScriptedTexture property to the Scripted.CondemnedScroll texture.

Try these settings in the ScrollingMessageTexture:

  • bCaps = False
  • bResetPosOnTextChange = True
  • Font = Font'Scripted.CondemnedFont'
  • FontColor = Whatever
  • PixelsPerSecond = 130
  • ScrollingMessage = %lp is hurting your feelings
  • ScrollWidth = 512
  • YPos = 4

I do remember having to flip the the texture around and make a lot of adjustments to the alignment for the words to scroll nice.

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MadNad: I have had many people inquire about this for ut2003. Is this supported, I have not looked and/or has someone done this already for UT2003?

inio: message textures (and other scripted textures) aren't in high use due to the fact that they aren't supported on anything but the D3D renderer. This means people on Macs and or using the software renderer will just see white instead of your scrolling message.

RDGDanClark: There's no way around it? For all of Epic's desire to turn UT into a sports-type francise, I'm surprised there's no dynamic marquee feature.