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UT2003 :: Actor >> Info >> ScoreBoard >> ScoreBoardDeathMatch (Package: XInterface)

This is the scoreboard that appears in a DeathMatch game when you press F1. It shows game related information to the user from GameReplicationInfo and PlayerReplicationInfo.


The maximum number of players the scoreboard can display.


string AdminText (localized) 
Material BoxMaterial 
Material used for the background boxes. 'InterfaceContent.ScoreBoxA'
string Continue (localized) 
" Press [Fire] to continue!"
string DeathsText (localized) 
string Ended (localized) 
"The match has ended."
string FooterText (localized) 
"Elapsed Time:"
string FPH (localized) 
float FPHTime 
Time used to calculate the Frags Per Hour (FPH) for each player.
string FragLimit (localized) 
string GameType (localized) 
string MapName (localized) 
" in "
string MatchIDText (localized) 
"UT2003 Stats Match ID"
string MaxLives (localized) 
string NetText (localized) 
string NotReadyText (localized) 
string OutFireText (localized) 
" You are OUT. Fire to view other players."
string OutText (localized) 
string PingText (localized) 
string PlayerText (localized) 
string PointsText (localized) 
PlayerReplicationInfo PRIArray[MAXPLAYERS] 
Stores a copy of the GameReplicationInfo GRI.PRIArray.
string RankText (localized) 
string ReadyText (localized) 
string Restart (localized) 
" You were killed. Press Fire to respawn!"
string SkillLevel[8] (localized) 
An array of strings that contains these default difficulty levels { "NOVICE" , "AVERAGE" , "EXPERIENCED", "SKILLED", "ADEPT", "MASTERFUL", "INHUMAN", "GODLIKE" }
string Spacer (localized) 
" "
string TimeLimit (localized) 
string TimeText (localized) 


Inherited From Actor[edit]

UpdatePrecacheMaterials ( ) 
Calls UpdatePrecacheFonts.

Inherited From ScoreBoard[edit]

UpdateScoreBoard (Canvas Canvas) 
Configures the size of the menu and text to the correct size for the number of players that are currently in game and then proceeds to draw the names for each player. It draws the scores, deaths, and then finishes by calling DrawNetInfo and DrawnetInfo.

New Methods[edit]

DrawMatchID (Canvas Canvas, int FontReduction) 
Draws the MatchIDText and the GameReplicationInfo MatchID at a reduced size font specified by FontReduction.
DrawNetInfo (Canvas Canvas, int FontReduction, int HeaderOffsetY, int PlayerBoxSizeY, int BoxSpaceY, int BoxTextOffsetY, int OwnerOffset, int PlayerCount, int NetXPos) 
First determines if the match is ready, if it is, it draws AdminText by all players that are admins. Then it tests to see whether the game is ready again, this time drawing a box stating ReadyText or NotReadyText. Then for each non-admin player that still has a lives in the game it draws their ping and time in game.
DrawTitle (Canvas Canvas, float HeaderOffsetY, float PlayerAreaY) 
If the game is a standalone game then it displays the SkillLevel. Then it displays the map name, the level title, max lives, goal score, time limit. If the game is over, then it gives the appropriate them the appropriate end game string from HudBDeathMatch (Win or Lose). If the player is dead and out of lives then it displays OutFireText. If they have lives it Restart.
UpdatePrecacheFonts ( ) 
No Code.

Known Subclasses[edit]